Zaku Desert: Work in progress

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A late entry to the Zeon Remnants Project. I will be using the HGUC Zaku II F2 kit as the base and incorporate parts from the old MSV 1/144 Zaku Desert Type kit. So here goes:

Head: I simply attached the the antenna from the MSV kit on the HGUC head.


Arms: On the right arm shield, I attached 1.2mm plaplate on each side and a round plate on top of that.

zakudes-wip_02 zakudes-wip_03

The left shoulder is from the HGUC Hizack kit. I replaced the blunt spikes with spiky ones from Kotobukiya MSG.

zakudes-wip_04 zakudes-wip_05

The MSV kit comes with a small shield on the left forearm. I glued some 1mm square pipes along the inner rim to give it more girth. To attach it to the Zaku II F2 forearm, I glued some 2mm square pipes to fit the elbow.

zakudes-wip_10 zdwip_001

On top of that small shield, there’s a missile launcher. I attached some circles from Wave at the muzzles and some verniers at the back.


Waist: Because I wanted the front skirt armors to move independently, I cut the middle part connecting them together and reattached it to the crotch part.

zakudes-wip_06 zakudes-wip_07

Legs: On the back of the lower legs, I attached some square vent that I cut off from the MSV kit. I also plugged up the extra boosters with epoxy putty. The knees were replaced with the ones from the MSV kit.

zakudes-wip_11 zakudes-wip_12

Backpack: I used the MSV kit backpack, attaching some cylindrical pegs to attach it to the body. I also glued short tubes around the bottom for the chest power cables to attach to.

zakudes-wip_08 zdwip_003zdwip_004

Weapons: There were some leftover weapons from my Dom Tropen kit, so I decided to use the bazooka. I also modified the 90mm machine gun from the Zaku II F2 kit into something that looks like the MP40 submachine gun. The barrel is made from a combination of plastic tube and spare parts from System Weapon 001. The original buttstock was trimmed and a wire stock from the GM machine gun was attached.



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