Little Armory M240G

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#For a brief intro about the Little Armory series, refer to this earlier post for the M4A1 assault rifle#

Little Armory M240G machine gun


This is another variation of the M240 heavy machine gun. It’s very similar to the earlier M240B version; the only obvious difference is the barrel design. However, the M240G comes with a few extras that were absent in the M240B kit, namely the ammo belts. There’s 3 different ammo belts: a long, medium, and very short length. The very short one is meant to fit inside the ammo pouch. Other than that, parts are the same with the M240B version.


In terms of size, it’s very similar to the M240B but it feels less stocky due to the simple barrel design. Here it is compared to the GM machine gun, the Little Armory M4A1 and M240B.


Like most Little Armory kits, this one comes as black plastic. After spraying a layer of surfacer, I painted the kit using gunmetal, light gunmetal and german gray from spray cans (Tamiya & Mr. Color). No decals this time, just some panel lining and dry brushing before the flat topcoat layer. Here’s some closeup shots:

Now some action photos with the usual models.

Like the previous post, I tried to replicate the pose on the box art using the Skeleton warrior:


Final word: While this M240G machine gun feels very similar to the previous M240B version, the inclusion of magazine belts and ammo pouch makes this release feel more complete.

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