Little Armory MP7A1

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#For a brief intro about the Little Armory series, refer to this earlier post for the M4A1 assault rifle#

Little Armory MP7A1 submachine gun

LA009_MP7This is the first Little Armory kit that’s a submachine gun (SMG). I wouldn’t rank the MP7 as my favorite SMG designs, but I’d thought I’d give this kit a try. The good thing is that you can build two MP7s from this kit, but they won’t be identical. The stock, front grip and iron sights come in two configurations: folded and unfolded. You also get two spare magazines, a scope, a laser module, and a supressor. So I assembled them into the following configuration:

la009_001The original plastic is black, so I painted one of them in olive green and the other in german grey. For detailing, I just added some decals and panel-lining. In terms of size, the MP7 with the stock extended and suppressor attached is as long as the M4A1. The folded version is half the length.


Here’s some close-up photos:

And in the hands of my go-to models:


Final word: As mentioned earlier, I’m not a big fan of the MP7. That opinion hasn’t changed after building this Little Armory kit. On the plus side, you get two of them in one box. But overall, this release just feels a bit ‘meh’.  With that I leave you with the box-art pose:


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  1. came across your blog from google images. i just want to thank you for the perfect pictures you’ve taken. this blog convinced me to buy the figma thats coming out this year and almost all the weapons.

    thanks bro.

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