HGUC GM Semi Striker

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The GM Semi striker has long been on my to-build list. I purchased a HGUC GM II kit and some GM Striker parts from Yellow Submarine with plans to make my own GM Semi Striker. But then Bandai released the official HGUC GM Striker kit on the Premium Bandai website and so I gave up on my original plans and bought the P-Bandai kit.
Although the GM Semi Striker looked nice out of the box, I wanted to add more ‘Striker’ elements to its design. The secondary aim was to improve the looks and proportion of this kit.

Materials & methods:

To read about the changes I made to the kit, click here.

For painting, I went for a very simple color scheme: the GM command colony type colors. It involves only two colors: dark grey for the feet and torso, and a kind of pale khaki for the rest of the body. I mixed my own paints as follows:

  • Torso & feet: ~60% German gray + ~30% white + ~10% orange yellow
  • The rest the body: ~80% white + ~10% yellow brown + ~10% smoke gray

For the joints & hands I sprayed Dark Grey (2) from a spray can. The weapons were painted with various combinations of German Grey, Light gull gray, and gunmetal also from spray cans.

After all parts were painted, I proceeded to apply some decals which are mostly warning & numeric types. Then I sprayed gloss topcoat over the parts with decals, and this was followed by an enamel wash using black enamel.
Some additional light weathering were applied, mostly paint scratch and rust effects. After that it’s the final flat topcoat layer. Like the HGUC GM III, I attached some reflective mirror finishes on the left shoulder and forehead sensors, then dabbed some clear enamel paints on them.


Some action poses:

And some group photos. The modifications I made means that this GM Semi Striker is the tallest GM kit I have.

Since I outfitted the GM Semi Striker with Hobby Base hands, I thought I’d pose it with some Little Armory weapons.


Overall, I felt that I have accomplished what I set out to do with this project. The GM Semi Striker now looks nicer, to my eyes at least. My only regret was not modifying the elbow. It looks a bit weird when bent. Even though the proportions were improved, it’s still not the most posable and flexible kit I have. It therefore wasn’t easy to pose it with the twin beam spear.

To conclude, I have no regrets purchasing this P-Bandai GM Semi Striker kit. It was a lot of fun modifying it to look how I want. Now I have to think about what to do with my abandoned GM II kit…

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