C3 TOKYO 2016 (Part 1)

August 29, 2016 at 22:51 | Posted in Events | 2 Comments
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This year I went to the Chara Hobby Show (C3) with a clear intent to purchase some resin kits. I arrived there around 10.30am and went straight to the dealer’s section. There were already long queues for the popular dealers like Studio Reckless and Wave. This time I brought enough cash with me and went browsing for kits to buy. I ended up getting four 1/144 scale kits: Striker Custom, Guntank Mass Production Type, Galluss K, and GM Sniper II Shadows.

Satisfied with my purchases, I went around taking some photos around the dealer’s section:

Some kits look familiar; I’d assume dealers would sell the same stuff every year. Some kits looked really tempting to buy, like the Zudah F and Methuss, but I managed to supress the urge to buy more. I missed out on the Gustav Karl kit though, it was sold out rather quickly.

So I’ll end the first part of my C3TOKYO2016 coverage here. Photos from other sections is in Part II.


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  1. Do you know anywhere online i can find that gallus k?

    • you can try your luck at auction sites like ebay or yahoo auctions

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