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This project started with the HG Gouf R35 kit. I used bits and parts from that kit for my other (still ongoing) projects, leaving me with a handful of unused parts. Instead of leaving them as junk parts, I decided to buy more parts to build a complete Gouf. Fortunately I was able to procure some HGUC Gouf Revive and HG Gouf Prototype parts from Yellow Submarine for this project. From the offset, I already decided that this Gouf won’t be blue. I went for the Sand colors of the Gouf Prototype (P-Bandai version).

Materials & methods:
You can read the works in progress page here. The color scheme I went for is pretty simple. Just 3 colors to consider:

  • Thighs & biceps: Light gull gray (spray can)
  • Body: ~90% german gray + ~10% propeller color (Mr Color 131)
  • Limbs & head: 95% khaki + 5% smoke gray

For all other parts (backpack, joints, power cables, weapons), I used the various shades of gray and gunmetal spray cans I have at my disposal. After adding decals & clear topcoat, I applied very light weathering effects in the form of enamel wash & paint chipping. Then it’s the final flat topcoat layer.



I think I will summarize this build as a Gouf with an identity crisis. With different weapon attachments, it can look like a Gouf R35, a Prototype Gouf, or just a plain ol’ Gouf. I feel that’s a good thing. Adding modular weaponry was one of the fun points in this build.
Since 80% of this build used HGUC Gouf REVIVE parts, I thought I’d comment on it a bit:

  • The leg articulation is very good; the knees can bend quite a lot. The feet could’ve used a bit more articulation, though.
  • The front skirt armor tends to pop out, especially when posing with the legs raised.
  • Torso is well articulated, but the polycap joint in the chest feels a bit flimsy; the chest tends to sag sideways or backwards.
  • The chest power cables also likes to pop out from the front socket. Not sure if it’s to do with the soft M.S.G cables I used.

To conclude, this was a fun kitbashing project that led me to realize my own gunpla building niche: adding modular weapons and painting existing color schemes on different mobile suits.


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  1. nice work sir, I’m a fan of your works :D now i want a gouf r35 haha I love how you made it into UC vibe gouf.

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