Little Armory M870MCS

November 8, 2017 at 21:09 | Posted in Little Armory | 1 Comment
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Little Armory M870 shotgun

The M870MCS is the second shotgun kit for Little Armory, after the AA-12. What’s unique about this kit is that you can build 3 variations of the shotgun. Each has different barrel lengths and buttstocks. The MCS stands for Modular Combat Shotgun and as the name implies, you can more or less mix and match the parts.

As you can see, the kit doesn’t come with any extras once everything is assembled.

All the parts came on black plastic runners and so to avoid them arr rook same, I painted them differently using variations of olive green, german gray and steel.

Here’s a size comparison:

And closeup shots:

And action shots:

Final thoughts:
Design-wise there’s nothing much to say. The M870 is the quintessential image of what a shotgun looks like.
I have a mostly positive impression about this kit. First of all, you can build 3 complete shotguns in a single kit. The pistol grips are a nice touch, making them easy to hold in both Mr Skeleton & the GM.
And the M870 looks much better on HG kits than Kotobukiya MSG’s oversized shotgun. Probably the only downside is the lack of extras.

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  1. I liked those little armories,they are so interested and beautiful

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