Little Armory MG3

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Little Armory MG3 machine gun

The MG3 is a descendant of the MG42 machine gun from WWII. In fact, they’re essentially identical in appearance. This Little Armory MG3 kit comes with two bipods, a drum magazine, and two ammo belts.

The whole thing was black plastic, so I painted it mostly with Burnt Iron and some German Gray. Length-wise, it’s about the same with the M240 machine guns, but the MG3 looks more slim.

First off, some detail pictures:

So now might be a good time to introduce a new addition to my list of figures: the 1/12 scale Synthetic Human by 1000toys. It has a swappable human face, but I prefer the skeleton face.
It has very nice articulation and is very stable. The right hand can hold any weapons very nicely, but the left hand doesn’t have that nice gripping pose. Unfortunately, the Little Armory hands don’t fit.

Anyway, here’s some action poses with the MG3:

Final word:
The Little Armory MG3 has nice details and was fun to put together. The only gimmick is that the top cover can open but that doesn’t matter too much because I just really like how it looks. If you’re a fan of WWII era weapons like me, then this Little Armory MG3 is a solid choice.


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