GM Cannon (Space Assault Type)

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For my first build of 2019, it’s another GM. I would have liked to include this GM Cannon in the Year of the GM lineup, but it arrived too late for me to finish it by the year’s end.
This is a P-Bandai release, and I actually bought 2 of them. For the first kit, I’m doing a straight Out-of-Box build, kinda. I decided to replicate the color scheme and decals from this illustration:

Materials & methods:

I made some very minor changes:
i) Replaced the blue visor with a red one from the GM Intercept kit.
ii) Removed safety nubs on the head antenna
iii) Added some plaplate to the right chest vent. But I kinda messed that one up.
iv) Drilled hole inside the shoulder cannon barrel
v) Added an extra bazooka from Kotobukiya M.S.G

For painting, I used the following colors:
Blue parts: Cobalt blue + a bit of intermediate blue
Grey parts: German gray
White parts: MS White
Verniers: Starbright duralumin; clear red for the insides

The bulk of the work involved masking and painting, and then finding the right decals. No weathering this time, just finished it with flat topcoat.



The GM Cannon Space Assault Type shares a lot in common with the GM Guard, GM Sniper Custom and GM Intercept kits. That means very good range of movement, good parts separation for easy painting, and very nice detailing.
However, there’s not a lot of extras in this kit. You get the shoulder cannon, a beam spray gun, and 3 hands. It would be nice to have a spare magazine for the shoulder cannon, or even a couple of extra hands with different poses.
Another minor gripe is about the shoulder cannon. It can’t tilt up or down too much and gets in the way when turning the head right. Thankfully the cannon can be easily removed.
Overall a solid kit, and a fun build. But the lack of extras is somewhat disappointing.

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