GM Cannon – Work in progress

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This is the second P-Bandai 1/144 GM Cannon (Space Assault Type) build. After completing a straight build for the first one, I’m planning on modifying this one a little bit. The head is just about the only unmodified part. The rest is as follows:

First off, I removed some bits from the chest, shown by the black arrows below:

Then, I glued 1mm square pipes to the top of the left shoulder:

I decided to use the shoulder armor from the RX-78 revive kit. The rest of the arm is from the GM Cannon kit.

I added some extra hands from MS Builders parts. But if you look closely at the fisted hand, the thumb is somehow melded into the pointing finger. So I cut off the thumb, and transplanted a new thumb from another hand (trigger pose). The result is as follows:

Also, I cut off the finger from the original trigger pose hand, and glued a straight finger from MS Builder parts.

I filled the square gap on the crotch armor with basic putty.

I tried out different pairs of legs for this build and I eventually decided on the lower legs from the Act Zaku kit. I glued some detail parts on the back of the leg:

And used the RG RX-78 part on the knees:

To connect the lower leg to the GM Cannon thighs, I had to modify the Zaku knee joints by cutting off some bits of plastic from the knee joint:

And from the inner part of the GM thighs:

I also covered the panel line gaps on the thighs with some basic puttty.

When fitting the thigh to the knee joint, I noticed some gaps, shown in the red arrows below:

So I glued some 1mm plaplate to both sides of the knee joint, and now the gap doesn’t look too bad:

I’ll be using the original GM Cannon feet, so to connect them to the Zaku legs, I glued the joints from the Zaku and GM legs together:

No additional weapons this time; just some minor mods to the shoulder cannon. I simply glued the beam spray gun barrel to the tip of the shoulder cannon. Also added some plaplate for extra details.

So here’s what it roughly  looks like:

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  1. Great conversion! Act Zaku’s leg is a smart choice!

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