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After completing a straight build of the Space Assault Type with custom colors, I wanted to build a more traditional-looking GM Cannon. The major difference between the two is the lower legs.
I tried different types of legs; the bell bottom legs from the old MSV kit looked too retro, whereas the GM Cannon II legs were too fat. In the end I made the blasphemeous choice of attaching Act Zaku legs onto the GM Cannon.

Materials & methods:

You can read about the minor changes I made here.
For painting, I used the following colors:
Red parts: Red madder + a few drops of german grey
White parts: Off white + a few drops of orange yellow
Grey parts: German gray
There’s fewer parts to mask this time, so painting was relatively painless.
This time I’m also skipping weathering effects, so it’s just panel lining, decals, and flat topcoat.


Some action poses. Most of these were just recreated poses from the GM Cannon ROBOT Damashi promo pics. The weapons & shield were from my previous builds.

And finally some group photos. Because of the leg modification, the GM Cannon is taller than the Space Assault Type, which was unmodified.


This GM Cannon is very similar to the Space Assault Type (S.A.T), bar the legs, so my previous comments about the S.A.T also applies. The Act Zaku knee joint can bend more than 90 degrees, so a kneeling pose is no problem.
To be honest, the main motivation for this build was to recreate this box art pose. Hence the color scheme and the pointing finger mod. Pardon the bad photoshop:

But wait, there’s one more:

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  1. Hey man great as always with your builds
    If you’re keen can you please shoot me an email we’d love to interview you for gunplanetwork insider show

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