HG Astray Blue Frame

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The first HG 1/144 kit I bought was the Astray Red Frame. That was a long time ago, and now there’s many more variations of the Astray, including new versions of the HG 1/144 kit.
I wanted to build the Astray Blue Frame, but I’m not too keen on the Second L version. So I decided to build the vanilla Astray Blue Frame using parts from the latest Astray kits.

Materials & methods:
This is another build which doesn’t have a box. I procured all parts separately from Hobby Base in Akihabara. The list is as follows:

The result is a mix of red and blue plastic parts, so priming was definitely necessary. The colors were pretty straight forward:

  • Blue: Cobalt blue + intermediate blue + white
  • White: Off white
  • Torso: Neutral gray
  • Weapons: German gray / Gray FS36118 / gunmetal

The tedious part is the masking. To be color-accurate, plenty of parts needed masking. And some parts like the biceps and calves have complex shapes, requiring all my patience and concentration to apply the masking tape properly.
The white parts on the fingers were paint brushed using white enamel paint. After that comes panel lining, decals, and flat topcoat.


Weapons and poses:

There have been some improvements in the 1/144 Astray kits since their first iterations. Part separation has improved quite a bit, and the only obvious seam lines were at the biceps. Proportions have changed too, and the range of movement is impressive.
I think the only downside is that some parts are still not color-accurate. Frankly, the masking step was a pain in the ass but it felt so good when I finally got to peel off the masking tape at the end.
Overall, these new HG Astray kits are an upgrade over the earlier versions. But if you want to avoid the hassle of masking and painting to make it 100% color-accurate, go for the RG, MG, or PG versions instead.

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