Little Armory G36

August 21, 2019 at 23:12 | Posted in Little Armory | 2 Comments
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Little Armory G36 assault rifle

The G36 is an assault rifle made by the German H&K company. What’s interesting about this kit is the magazine that’s made of transparent plastic. Other than a spare magazine, there’s no extra parts. I painted it with a combination of black, german gray and gunmetal to break the all-black monotony.

The overall length is quite long, probably the longest in the assault rifle class.

Closeups and action shots:

Final word:
The G36 design gives off a very smooth, streamlined feel. There’s not much surface details to admire, and no extra parts to play around with. The buttstock can be folded to the side, and the transparent magazine looks nice.
In hindsight, I should have painted the inside part of the magazine to make it look like there’s bullets inside. Overall, this feels like a boring kit and one of my least favorites.


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  1. Sweet looking rifle. Are those 1/144 kits holding it?

    • yeah, that’s the HG guard frame

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