Little Armory FA-MAS

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Little Armory FA-MAS Assault Rifle

If I’m not mistaken, this Little Armory FA-MAS is the first bullpup assault rifle in the lineup. During assembly, you have a choice of a short or a medium length barrel. They’re not easily swappable, so once you’ve made your choice, it’s essentially permanent.
It also comes with a rifle grenade, a spare magazine, and a bipod. The ejection port cover can be placed either on the left or right side. I went with the usual combination of german gray, gunmetal & black for painting. The rocket was painted in Russian Green.

For a bullpup, it’s actually not much shorter than the M4A1.

Closeups and poses:

Final word:
I quite like the look of the Little Armory FA-MAS. It looks more bulky than the typical M4, and it has some interesting gimmicks like the rocket and bipod. The bipod consists of one stand on each side which can be flipped (very carefully) up or down.
The FA-MAS looks quite nice on the Skeleton, but not so much on the GM. The huge buttstock hinders some poses, and because of the bullpup design, only the thin barrel is prominently visible in most poses. Overall, the Little Armory FA-MAS kit is an OK kit; not bad, but not that interesting.

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