Little Armory P90

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Little Armory P90 submachine gun

The P90, along with the MP5, is one of my submachine guns. So when the Little Armory P90 kit was released, I got a bit overexcited and bought two of them. The kit comes with two magazines, made of smoke-colored clear plastic.
There’s a choice of a short barrel, or a suppressed barrel. Also included is a short Picatinny rail attached to the right side. Both P90s were painted german grey & gunmetal, and I painted the insides of the magazine with gold enamel to simulate bullets.

You can see the difference it makes:

The P90 looks tiny and is almost half the length of the M4A1:

Not too long after the kit was released, I bought the Little Armory Miniature Gunsmith School booklet:

Included with the booklet is a P90 TR version. The main difference is addition of rails on the top, left and right sides (Triple Rail, TR). The color of the plastic is slightly olive, and the suppressor also looks different.
I painted the body with Mr Color Dark green (2), and then I airbrushed some lines over a metal mesh using IDF Gray. The plan was to make a camo pattern that looks like snake scales, but the result was not that obvious.

Anyway, for the TR version I attached the suppressor, while the standard P90s were given short barrels.

Here’s some closeup shots:

And some poses.

Final word:
The Little Armory P90 kit is simple to build and nicely detailed kit. Of the 3 models I used for posing (Skeleton, Synthetic Human, GM), I think the P90 looks best on the skeleton. Maybe that’s due to the Little Armory hands I used.
The Synthetic Human and GM hands hardly fit into the P90 grip. But for one handed shooting poses, all of them look OK with the P90.
I think the only downside is the obvious seam line that runs through the middle of the body. But that’s easily fixable with some glue. Personally I prefer the P90 TR version, just because of the rails give some options for customization.
So overall, this is a pretty solid release, based on my biased opinion. Unfortunately this is the last kit that features boxart by Fuyuno Haruaki.


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  1. Nice review!! I have always liked your detailed review for Little Armory kits!
    Btw, Fuyuno Haruaki stopped drawing for Little Armory?

    • yeah, all the Little Armory box arts after the P90 is done by other artist

      • Aw, man.. I really like Fuyuno Haruaki’s artwork. They are one of the reasons I got into Little Armory kits.

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