Little Armory AS Val

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Little Armory AS Val

To be honest, I have never heard of the AS Val prior to the release of this kit. Apparently it’s a Soviet-designed rifle with built-in suppressor. This also marks the first Little Armory kit which doesn’t feature artwork by Fuyuno Haruaki.
Anyway, the kit comes with a spare magazine, and a scope.

I roughened up the surface of the handguard(?) piece using this technique. I used a combination of german gray and black for painting, with masking applied to give some sort of color variation. The scope was painted in burnt iron. Some reflective stickers were attached to the scope for some extra detail. Finally, I applied some light dry brushing using enamel silver.
The AS Val is approximately the same length as the AKM.

There’s two configurations to choose from: 1) a no scope version in which a plate is attached to the left side of the body; 2) a scope can be attached via the same holes on the left side of the body

Closeups and poses:

Final word:
I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by this Little Armory AS Val kit. The design itself is unique, and the level of details is also impressive. For example there’s notches on the magazines, and the safety lever is also movable like in the AKM kit.
The buttstock is rather long, so it’s not so easy to pose with the GM. Overall, this is a unique-looking and solid kit, and a bit of a fresh air amidst the various AR type rifles. Not a fan of the new boxart though, no offense to the artist.

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