Little Armory M4A1 2.0

December 19, 2019 at 12:37 | Posted in Little Armory | 3 Comments
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Little Armory M4A1 2.0

The first Little Armory kit was the M4A1, and now some years later, they released a version 2.0. It comes with a slightly different set of accessories: forward grip with bipod, new optics, iron sights, rail covers, carrying handle, laser module.
Gone are the night vision goggles from the first version. I decided to customize it using spare parts I had lying around. I used the extended buttstock from the Mk.18 mod 0, and the forward grip, laser module and controller from the SOPMOD Block 2.
The color scheme is inspired by the rugged-looking M4A1s used in desert warfare. The base layer is Gaianotes Grey Brown, then I airbrushed lines using IJN green and olive drab over a metal mesh, similar to what I did for the P90 TR.
The magazine is neutral gray, with some paint chipping effects added using enamel silver.

On the surface level, there’s nothing much between the first version and this current 2.0 version, other than the accessories.

And here’s all the Little Armory M4 carbine variants I have so far:

Finally some close ups and poses:

Final word:
If I’m not mistaken, there’s 5 Little Armory M4 carbine variants (the watergun doesn’t count) released so far. The main reason I bought this one was to experiment on the desert camo paint job, and to customize it using lefotver parts.
The paintjob is not perfect, but it was fun customizing the M4A1.

Overall, I’m hard pressed to find any significant differences or improvements over the first M4A1 version. I guess it comes down to the choice of accessories. The boxart is quite nice though.


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  1. Where do you get your scope and eotech lenses from? I’ve been cutting transparent green ruler template but looking for something better. Also where do you find your rifle decals?

    • Scope lenses are actually HiQ-Parts Aurora stickers & Hasegawa’s Clear Finish stickers. Just use a 2mm or 3mm hole punch to get round shapes. Decals are just standard water slide decals for gunpla.

      • Very helpful. Thank you! I first had the idea to use transparent green measuring template when I saw John Wick’s 1/6 scale angled green dot sight. I liked the see through light effect. I’ve also cut from the pink acrylic gunpla sprues but those don’t shine through as well. Anyways, very fun and your stuff serves as inspiration. I’m building up my figma snake’s arsenal. Thanks again!

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