How to remove nubs

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Before I get started, I just want to clarify some terms that I’ll use:

Runner: The plastic that holds all your gunpla parts.
Gate: The runner part that directly leads to the specific gunpla part. Typically 2-3 gates connect the gunpla part to the runner.
Nub: The leftover gate after the gunpla part is cut off from the runner.


With that out of the way, here’s how to remove those nubs:
1) Using a nipper, cut off the gunpla part from the runner, making sure not to cut too close to the gunpla part. If you cut too close, it will leave white stress marks on the gunpla part. Now your gunpla part should have a significant bit of nub remaining:


2) Use your nipper to cut as much of the nub as possible, leaving just a little bit like the photo below:


3) From here, you have several choices, depending on the tools you have available:
3-1) Using a hobby blade
Use a sharp hobby blade to cut off the remaining plastic. Just be careful not to cut off the actual gunpla part. Then just use the flat edge of the blade to scrape over the nub.
3-2) Using a file
The leftover nub can be quickly shaved off with a few strokes from a file. But depending on the quality of the file, some scratch marks will be left on the gunpla part. In that case, you might have to resort to sandpaper:
3-3) Using sandpaper
Start with the rough grit (200-400), then move on to intermediate (600-800) and then with fine grit (1000 or higher). When using sandpaper, it’s good to attach it so something solid like this:

Or you can stick the sandpaper to a thick plaplate or even an ice cream stick using double-sided tape

So that’s the theory anyway. In practice, this is what I tend to do:
For step 1), I use my general purpose nipper to cut the part off the runner
For step 2), I use my GodHand nipper to cut off the remaning nub. Using the GodHand nipper, I can cut very close to the gunpla part with minimal white stress marks. You can see the difference if I use my standard GSR nipper:

For step 3), depending on how clean the cut was using GodHand nipper, I might have to shave off any remaining plastic using a file or hobby blade. If it’s a very clean cut, then I leave it as it is.

Nub removal is about the only thing you can’t escape from in this hobby. You can get away with neglecting panel-lining and not fixing seam-lines, but leaving nubs on a gunpla model is a cardinal sin. It’s probably the most mundane and boring step in gunpla, but a necessary evil.

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