HG Zaku High Mobility Test Type

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So the first entry for my 08th MS Team project is the high mobility test type Zaku that made it’s appearance in Episode 1. This is a P-Bandai kit and part of the Origin MSD series of kits. I had plans to paint a custom color scheme for this build, but in the end I just stuck with the original colors.

Materials & methods:
This is generally a straight build, but I did add some detail parts on the chest, shins, underside of the feet, and monoeye.
The kit comes with only a Zaku machinegun and heat hawk, so I added the extra large beam bazooka leftover from my HGUC Dom kit. I also used a pair of resin fists I bought from the C3 market.
After priming and preshading, I painted it as follows:

  • Head, chest, left shoulder: Gaianotes blue grey
  • Purple parts: Gundam Color MS Purple
  • Dark parts: Midnight blue
  • Weapons: Gray FS36118
  • Power cables, verniers: Gaianotes gunmetal

I don’t usually use the stickers that come with the kit, but in this case I used them as masking tape.
To recreate the red lines on the lower legs and hip armors, I first painted dark red over the intended areas.
Then I applied the red line stickers over them, and then proceeded to paint the whole part in Midnight blue. After paint has dried, I just peeled off the stickers like any masking tape.
Since this is a space-based unit, I decided to paint the underside of the feet as well. I didn’t apply any weathering, except on the Beam Bazooka.
After that, it’s panel-lining, decals & flat topcoat. The final step was applying reflective stickers on the monoeye & Zaku machinegun, and some clear lenses on the Beam Bazooka.


And some action poses:

I thought it would be a good idea to start off the 08th MS Team project on a simple, straight build, without major kitbashing or custom color schemes.
This Zaku High Mobility Test Type is based on the more recent Origin Zaku kits, so construction was a breeze. The only seam lines to take care of are at the forearms and left shoulder.
I think the most challenging part of this build was applying the red line stickers as a masking tape. They’re more finicky than I anticipated. Also, taking photos with the beam bazooka was also quite a challenge, simply because of its massive size.
But overall, it was a pretty comfy build.

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