RG Zaku II – Work in progress

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While building the RX-79[G], I thought it would be nice to have its adversary, the Zaku II. I just happen to have an RG Zaku II that’s in a state of limbo somewhere underneath my bed.
So I wiped the dust off the Zaku and went about with the build. The RG Zaku in question is the green, mass produced type. I wanted to recreate the 08th MS Zaku II as shown below:

In addition, I wanted to tone down the RG aesthetics, i.e excessive panels and the two-tone colors.

For this build, I used Gaianotes Color putty (black) to fill in panel lines that I felt were unneccessary. For example, the forearm part:

The black dots are actually parts filled with the black putty.

The left shoulder armor has two shades of green, differentiated as separate parts. The two tones of plastic will be covered when I paint it later, but to make it look more seamless, I glued the different colored parts together and filled uneven parts with putty.

The right shoulder shield on the 08th MS Zaku has three spikes on them. I attached some Wave option parts on the shield like so:

But I wasn’t really happy with how it looked. Luckily I have another spare shield to work with, so I tried another approach:
1) I filles some panel lines on the shield with the black putty;
2) Attached MS Spikes after cutting off the tip

On the crotch, some square panels were filled with putty:

On the front skirt armors, I cut off some parts to make it look like the reference picture.

The small, square panel on the thighs were also covered with putty.

Since this is a ground type Zaku, I wanted to cover up the extra thrusters on the lower legs. First, I glued 0.5mm plaplate over the holes [1]. This serves as a “plate” for the putty. Then, I applied the black putty over the plaplate and filed off the excess [2].

I did the same for the front thrusters. The pic below is before I added putty.

And that’s it for the mods. Since there’s only minimal changes, I might as well explain some parts of the painting process.

Unlike the RG Zaku II White Ogre, I decided to properly paint the inner frame. However, the Advanced MS Joint is mostly made of ABS material, which means any paint will get scratched off easily.
So I tried out Gaianotes Multi Primer. It’s translucent and can be airbrushed directly without dilution with thinner. Applying a layer of this stuff allows for better adhesion of subsequent paint layers.

After that has properly dried, I applied a layer of pure black, followed by Dark Iron. Additional frame parts that are not ABS material were painted with Nazca Mechanical Surfacer. I used Super Heavy and Light for some color variation.

Like MG Zaku kits, the pipes on the RG Zaku legs, torso and head are made up of separate parts. I noticed some parts were missing, before realizing that I used them for other kitbashing projects. Anyway, to facilitate painting, I inserted a plastic rod into each section, like below:

If the plastic rod is too thin, I padded it with some masking tape. This makes sure each part doesn’t move around when painting. The outcome is something liek this:

I labeled each section so I don’t mess up final assembly later.

For painting the outer armor, there’s only two colors to consider.
Green parts: Mr Color Yellow-Greeen + Mr Color IJA Green + leftover olive green from my ECOAS Jegan build.
Grey parts: Mr Color FS36118

So that’s it. All’s that left is decals and weathering.


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