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Me? I’m just your average adult who’s still playing with plastic robots. Currently in Gunpla-land a.k.a Japan.

Why am I still playing with plastic robots? Part of the fun is in the building and the ability to customize your models with different color schemes and various decals. My favorite scale to work play with is the 1/144 scale (HG, RG) because they’re small, cheap, and more fun to modify and customize.

I started out this hobby with nail-clippers, a penknife and a marker for painting panel lines. Since then I’ve acquired some extra tools and just recently purchased an airbrush kit. I still haven’t ventured into building dioramas. You can say I’m just a casual modeller.

So take your time to browse through my little gunpla collection and feel free to drop in your comments. You can check out my twitter page too:


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  1. I agree to that philosophy of yours!!!
    Guess were in the same age frame :) but this plastic robots can be in the category of “Toys for the Big Boys” don’t you think? :)

  2. I agree either. Painting should customize our gunplay to match our feelings. That’s why there are so many customized colors for commander’s mobile suit…

    Btw, I added your blog to my blog’s bookmark because of your How-to page; great tutorial. Hope you can add some more tips on that page…

  3. Hello there…I was searching for tutorials on how to do weathering effects on gunpla when I stumble upon ur blog. The How to do Texture post was nice, but I’m still looking for complete and perhaps, detailed tutorials on how to do weathering for gunpla as I would like to do on mine Gundams.

    Is there any website that you could suggest to me on where I can learn this?


    • Rez: you can try the links here. FichtenFoo & Gamera’s site have some nice tutorials. Or you can try searching the forums like Zero-G

  4. Damn love your content! Can I interest you on a link exchange? =3

  5. Hello, I found your blog is very informative and entertaining. Many of your posts are really helpful for me. I have this paint sratches problem that keep haunting me evertyime I do Gunpla. Scratches are getting wilder each time I want to re assemble painted parts. I use Aqueous paints mainly for my HG and RG kits. May I know what type of paint do you use? I consider to switch to lacquer paint, for the sake of its scratch resistance.
    Thanks..btw i like your little armory kits.

    • Thanks. I use lacquer paints (spray cans or airbrush) for painting and never had a problem with unintentional paint scratches before. Priming your kit before painting helps. So does a final layer of topcoat.

  6. Hi there! I was just wondering if you could do a tutorial on thinning a torso and lengthening it? Thank you very much! :)

    • i’m not sure what you mean by thinning a torso but i already made a tutorial on lengthening parts in the How-to section

  7. Hello Kusakusa I am a gunpla builder and was wondering what to use in terms of binding parts for customs models I don’t know what to use either Tamiya basic putty or the tamiya epoxy putty. I have been using super glue to attach parts but it come out messy if not done properly so i am trying to explore new methods of making parts fit

    • To bind different parts, superglue or epoxy putty should work fine. But superglue is more secure.

  8. Helloooooo
    Please will you start an instagram? That’s where I am mainly checking out my gunpla and as a big fan of your work would love to see your wip/ideas/builds more often.
    Best wishes from London

    • thanks. i don’t use social media that much but maybe i’ll give it a try.

  9. Hi there. Pleb living in Japan here. Currently working on a photoshop project and would like to use one of your GM Sniper pictures in my project. May I have permission to do so? Will link your site as the source.

    It’s just for a standard picture as part of my photoshop learning class.

  10. Hey there,
    Loved your wagtail conversion I’m currently doing the same one, except mine came without the guide magazine, Any chance you have scans of it somewhere I could see?
    Keep up the great work!

    • that build was a looooong time ago. i don’t even remember where i kept the completed kit, let alone the instruction manual. sorry bro

  11. Hi KusaKusa! I’m part of the Gunplanetwork content team and wish to contact you about appearing on the channel, can you please get in contact with me via email mkirk.s14@gmail.com

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