56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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Rather than staying indoors all weekend due to rainy weather, I decided to have a look at this year’s All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Instead of heading straight to the Bandai section like always, I detoured towards the Junk City section to look for gunpla spare parts. Then I navigated towards the Hasegawa section to buy some aircraft spare parts and waterslide decals. Also managed to grab a 1/72 scale VF-1 Valkyrie Battroid kit. Now that shopping’s done, I could finally take a leisurely stroll with my camera.

The Kotobukiya section was dominated by Frame Arms Girls, with some Zoids kits as well.  At the Max Factory section, there’s the 1/350 scale Cherno Alpha and Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim. It’s gonna be a plastic model kit instead of a ready-made figure so I’m looking forward to its release. The Little Armory section has the upcoming MP7A2 and M134 minigun kits on display, which will be followed by MP5 SD6 and M4A1+M203 kits. Still no release date for the KLX250 motorbike though.

And then finally I made my way to the Bandai section. I was greeted by a plethora of Iron Blooded Orphans (IBO) kits, possibly to coincide with the 2nd season of the anime. Also there were the same stuff seen during the previous C3Hobby show, namely the RG Build Strike, HG Guncannon, HG Zaku I Origin (Char), HG Bugu, HGUC GM Ground Type, RE/100 Bawoo and MG Psycho Zaku.
Then there’s the pleasant suprise which was the MG GM Sniper II. I would’ve been happy with a RE/100 version, but an MG kit is even better.
Finally there’s the Premium Bandai stuff: HG Sword Impulse, MG Nu H.W.S pack, and extra armor & weapons for the MG Fullarmor Thunderbolt Gundam.  Someone should tell Bandai they managed to misspell ‘hangar’ twice: ‘hanger’ on the background art, and ‘hunger’ on the boxart. It’d be hilarious if they kept the spelling error on the official box art.

C3 TOKYO 2016 (Part 2)

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Having spent a fortune (almost) on some resin kits at the dealer’s section, I spent the rest of the day taking photos at a leisurely pace, starting with the Bandai section. There’s a few new kit announcements since the last hobby show I went to. First, let me start with the least interesting news. The next HGUC revive kit is apparently the Strike Freedom. As much as I hate it, I guess the old HG kit needs an update. The next RG will the the Build Strike Gundam. Another NOPE for me. The next RE/100 kit will be the Bawoo. It’s not really screaming ‘buy me’ either. Also in display is the MG Psycho Zaku from the Thunderbolt series. If you like massive backpacks, then this kit is for you.
Now for some slightly better news: the GM Ground Type gets an official HGUC kit. If I hadn’t made one already, I would’ve gotten one. From the Origin series, there’s Ramba Lal’s ブグ (Bugu? Boog?), Char’s Zaku I with a belt-fed machine gun and the Guncannon Early Type. They all look interesting and I might consider getting at least one of them.

Now for the Premium Bandai releases. Some of you might be screaming at Bandai why the following kits won’t be regular releases. On display were HGUC Zeta Plus C1, MG Heavyarms Custom, HGUC Gundam Marine type, Super Famina Titans colors, among others.
Of those, I’m most interested in the Zeta Plus C1. The MG Heavyarms Custom, also looks tempting.

There were other things around the Bandai section like Macross Delta and lots of other random stuff.


Outside of the Bandai section, there were plenty of interesting models & figures, like the ones published in Hobby Japan magazine. There was a live performance by the SKE48 idol band at that time, but I’m not into that stuff. Instead, I rather enjoyed the live band performance by the US servicemen/women from a nearby military camp. The JSDF were there too, cheering on.

C3 TOKYO 2016 (Part 1)

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This year I went to the Chara Hobby Show (C3) with a clear intent to purchase some resin kits. I arrived there around 10.30am and went straight to the dealer’s section. There were already long queues for the popular dealers like Studio Reckless and Wave. This time I brought enough cash with me and went browsing for kits to buy. I ended up getting four 1/144 scale kits: Striker Custom, Guntank Mass Production Type, Galluss K, and GM Sniper II Shadows.

Satisfied with my purchases, I went around taking some photos around the dealer’s section:

Some kits look familiar; I’d assume dealers would sell the same stuff every year. Some kits looked really tempting to buy, like the Zudah F and Methuss, but I managed to supress the urge to buy more. I missed out on the Gustav Karl kit though, it was sold out rather quickly.

So I’ll end the first part of my C3TOKYO2016 coverage here. Photos from other sections will in the next post.

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