59th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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I had another excuse to visit Tokyo, this time for the All Japan Model & Hobby Show. The event was at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi exhibition hall in Odaiba, but I made the mistake of going to the actual Tokyo Big Sight one station away.
Anyway, once I finally made it there, I went straight to the Hasegawa section to find some aircraft decals. Unfortunately the selection this time was quite limited, so I left empty-handed as I wandered around to other sections.

At the Bandai section, the upcoming MG release is the FAZZ ver. ka. It looks thicc, and comes with a hefty pricetag as well: 11,000yen.

Another bulky-looking item was the HGUC Penelope from Hathaway’s Flash. Not sure what this mode is supposed to be. Bird-mode?

And surprise, surprise… we have another RX-78 variant. This one’s called the Industrial Design ver., or G40 after the upcoming 40th anniversary. There was a promo video highlighting the design aesthetics but so far I’m not too impressed.

What’s quite impressive is the Metal Structure RX-93 Nu Gundam. At 1/60 scale, it’s a ready made figure with intricate details. Also comes with an eye-watering pricetag: approx. 100,000yen.

The rest of the stuff there were mostly P-Bandai, like the PG Perfect Strike, RG Phenex, MG Destiny etc. Other stuff that caught my eye was the cute Kei truck.

And what’s this? Some collaboration with Nissin ramen? Soon we’ll be scratch building some ramen toppings…

At the Little Armory section, there’s some upcoming releases, but it’s mostly variants of existing kits. The M16A4 and chainsaw looks interesting though…

There were a lot of anime girl kits at the Kotobukiya section, I’m just highlighting this female Ludens from Kojima Productions.

So that’s about it for the highlights. The rest of the photos are below. Enjoy…

C3AFA Tokyo 2019

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Here’s some photos from this year’s C3AFA, previously known as C3 Hobby. This hobby show is primarily about resin or garage kits of Gundam models and other stuff.
First off, some Gundam-related photos. There weren’t that many interesting kits on show, and most of them were the same ones as previous year’s.

And now some anime figures. The lewd ones tend to be garage kits, whereas the less risque ones tend to be official products.

And there you have it. Although I didn’t plan on buying any more resin stuff, I did end up purchasing a MG Zaku I conversion kit.

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019

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It’s time again for the Shizuoka Hobby Show, and as I made my way towards the Bandai section, I noticed a long queue to view the latest releases up close. At some point along the queue was a placard with “40 minutes waiting time” written on it. That was just a bit too ridiculous for me so I just snapped a photo or two from distance. So sorry for the lack of Bandai photos.

But I got a glimpse of the RG Nu Gundam and the proportions look better than the MG ver. Ka. There doesn’t seem to be the green psychoframe gimmick but that’s OK. So here’s some photos from other vendor booths:

Instead of wasting my time queuing up, I put it to good use by admiring the works of Japanese modelers in the other section of the show. I was impressed with a whole row of MG Deep Strikers, each very unique.

My favourite builds at the show are the ‘gag dioramas’. Gotta admire the creativity to make such builds.

And finally some other interesting mecha and figures at the show:

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