Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019

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It’s time again for the Shizuoka Hobby Show, and as I made my way towards the Bandai section, I noticed a long queue to view the latest releases up close. At some point along the queue was a placard with “40 minutes waiting time” written on it. That was just a bit too ridiculous for me so I just snapped a photo or two from distance. So sorry for the lack of Bandai photos.

But I got a glimpse of the RG Nu Gundam and the proportions look better than the MG ver. Ka. There doesn’t seem to be the green psychoframe gimmick but that’s OK. So here’s some photos from other vendor booths:

Instead of wasting my time queuing up, I put it to good use by admiring the works of Japanese modelers in the other section of the show. I was impressed with a whole row of MG Deep Strikers, each very unique.

My favourite builds at the show are the ‘gag dioramas’. Gotta admire the creativity to make such builds.

And finally some other interesting mecha and figures at the show:


WonFes Winter 2019

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To be honest, the only reason I went to this year’s winter Wonfes was to test out the new lens and camera combo I recently purchased. WonFes is basically a huge market for resin/garage kits focusing primarily on anime figures. There’s also official vendors, an R-18 section, and cosplayers but I arrived there late afternoon, so I didn’t have time to photograph everything. So let’s get straight to the pictures.

Some rather weird & interesting things:

And finally, your typical anime figurines:

Overall, I had a pleasant time snapping photos. Managed to get a couple of trinkets as well. There were several vendors selling P-Bandai kits, but as tempting as they were, I managed to clamp down my wallet. So anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.

58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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Despite the risk of getting caught in typhoon no. 24, I still decided to venture to Tokyo for the All Japan Model & Hobby show. At the Bandai section, I noticed there’s a lot more Premium Bandai releases this time.

The MG releases include MG F91 ver 2.0, MG V2 Assault Buster ver. Ka, MG Ex-S/S Gundam, and the MG Hyaku Shiki Crush. The latter two kits look interesting, but I have too many MG kits in my backlog. The new PG kit will be the 00 Gundam Seven Sword, which totally doesn’t interest me.

Some new grunt units from the upcoming Narrative Gundam series looks interesting: Jesta with A,B,C type equipment, Gustav Karl, & the Jegan D-type Escort.

Here’s some other pics from other sections of the hobby show:

Like last year, the Kotobukiya section has a lot of cool-looking stuff, but I don’t really follow most of it.

The most disappointing part was the Junk City section. There wasn’t any spare gunpla parts at all this time; just some old car & military scale model kits. But I did manage to get a Limited Little Armory G36C/K kit and the P90 TR type that came with a how-to booklet.

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