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To be honest, the only reason I considered building the Gundam FSD was because of the Long Range Beam Rifle (LRBR) that came free with the April 2018 copy of Gundam Ace. But I have an aversion to Gundam heads, especially at 1/144 scale.

So I decided to transplant in a GM head instead. After test fitting with other GM parts, I decided on a new build for the Year of the GM project: the GM FSD.

Materials & methods:

Usually for a kitbashing build, I tend to show the work in progress page. But since I’m using parts from the new generation of HG kits, all the joints are compatible with each other; hence no mods needed. It feels like a ‘plug and play’ kind of build. So here’s the parts that I used:

  • Head: I used two different halves for the head. The front half was from the HG GM Sniper Custom kit because I wanted to use the clear red visor. The back half was from the HG GM Guard Custom because I wanted to use the visor scope and antenna.
  • Body, shoulders & backpack: HG Gundam FSD.
  • Arms: HG GM Sniper Custom
  • Legs: HG GM Guard Custom
  • Weapons: Gatlings on the right arm, backpack cannon and folding shield were from the Gundam FSD kit. Plus the LRBR from Gundam Ace. The gatlings on the right arm came with an ammo belt. But it was too rigid so I replaced it with rubber tank tracks which was more flexible.

So here’s what it looks like after snap-fitting:

After priming & preshading, I painted it as follows:

  • Torso & feet: a mix of green, grey, brown and midnight blue.
  • Midriff: Dark gray 1
  • Rest of body: Olive drab + dark green
  • Joints: Mix of light gull gray, german gray, orange-yellow.
  • Weapons & backpack: Various combinations of german gray, gray FS36081 & burnt iron.

After painting, some light weathering was applied, followed by decals and finally flat topcoat.


Here’s some photos of the weapons. The LRBR is somewhat customizable. The base form looks a bit like a submachine gun and the grip can be moved to the back part. The barrel can be extended using two barrel-covers(?) which can also be attached to the backpack.

And some photos with the weapons:


This was probably the easiest kitbashing I’ve done so far. That’s thanks to the compatible joints and sockets in the latest HG kits. Even though this build was fairly simple, the decals were slightly tricky, especially the various red stripes. I had to cut pieces of red decal strips and arrange them according to the manual. The paintjob wasn’t that accurate as well. I wasn’t able to recreate the dark color of the FSD Gundam; mine was probably a bit too green.
The Gundam FSD kit has a lot of weapons and extras, which I’m saving for future projects. Speaking of which, since this FSD GM is included in the Year of the GM lineup, I might have to drop the GM Light Armor.


Little Armory MG3

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Little Armory MG3 machine gun

The MG3 is a descendant of the MG42 machine gun from WWII. In fact, they’re essentially identical in appearance. This Little Armory MG3 kit comes with two bipods, a drum magazine, and two ammo belts.

The whole thing was black plastic, so I painted it mostly with Burnt Iron and some German Gray. Length-wise, it’s about the same with the M240 machine guns, but the MG3 looks more slim.

First off, some detail pictures:

So now might be a good time to introduce a new addition to my list of figures: the 1/12 scale Synthetic Human by 1000toys. It has a swappable human face, but I prefer the skeleton face.
It has very nice articulation and is very stable. The right hand can hold any weapons very nicely, but the left hand doesn’t have that nice gripping pose. Unfortunately, the Little Armory hands don’t fit.

Anyway, here’s some action poses with the MG3:

Final word:
The Little Armory MG3 has nice details and was fun to put together. The only gimmick is that the top cover can open but that doesn’t matter too much because I just really like how it looks. If you’re a fan of WWII era weapons like me, then this Little Armory MG3 is a solid choice.


Little Armory MP5SD6

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Little Armory MP5SD6 submachine gun

As far as submachine guns go, I think there’s nothing more recognizable than the MP5. It took a while, but finally there’s a Little Armory release of this iconic firearm. There’s several MP5 variants out there, and this kit is the MP5SD6, which is a suppressed variant.
The suppressor itself is not detachable and the stock is not collapsible; you just need to swap between collapsed and extended parts. It comes with a spare magazine and a scope. That’s about it for spare parts.

The plastic is all black, so I painted it with german gray, some metallic paint, and black. To add more detail, I painted the fire selector indicators (white for safe, red for different firing rates) using enamel paints.
I also attached an aurora sticker on the scope. Finally I added some subtle dry brushing using silver enamel.

With the stock extended, the MP5SD6 is about as long as the M4A1.

Here’s some detailed photos:

I recently purchased another Revoltech Skeleton, this time the Takeya series Rusted iron skeleton. That turned out to be a mistake. That’s because the rusted iron color of the skeleton doesn’t contrast well with the various Little Armory weapons that are almost the same color. But anyway I might as well just use it.

Final word:
This is a pretty straight forward, no-frills build. There’s no gimmicks and the only extras are the spare magazine and stock. But the amount of details made up for it. Even the fire selector labels (safe/semi/auto) are indented on the plastic surface.
It looks great on Mr. Skeleton and the HGUC GM, so overall, the Little Armory MP5SD6 is a solid kit.

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