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This is the plain HGAC Leo kit, with no backpacks or add-ons. I initially wanted to attach Overflag wings on the back, but later I switched to the tilt rotor backpack. Since the tilt rotor resembles the V-22 Osprey, I decided to call this Leo kitbash the Leosprey.

Materials & methods:
I made minor modifications to the Leo and the tilt rotor, which you can find here.
I decided to go all out with the Osprey theme, so I went for the two tone color scheme like this photo:

The first layer is Light Gull Gray, and the second layer is Mr Color Grey FS36320. I drew the wavy patterns directly using my fine nozzle airbrush. All other parts were painted with a combination of german gray, gunmetal, gray FS36081, and dark gray (2).
It has been a while since I applied weathering effects, so I decided to use every weathering trick that I know of. But the aim is not a battle damaged, dirty Leo. I’m opting for a light weathering look, as if it’s been out for a few sorties. So after applying decals & panel lines, I sprayed a layer of gloss topcoat from the spray can and proceeded to apply the following weathering effects:

  • Enamel wash using very thinned black enamel
  • Oil smears using dark brown enamel
  • Paint scratches using black enamel applied with fine brush and toothpick
  • Dry brusing using silver enamel, mostly on the feet and weapons
  • Weathering pastel on the tilt rotor vents

To finish, I applied flat topcoat. But this time instead of using the spray can, I used the bottled type diluted 1:1 with lacquer thinner, and sprayed using my airbrush.



Some close ups of the Tilt rotor and weapons:

And some action poses:

Admittedly, attaching the Tilt Rotor Pack to the Leo is not a novel idea; you can already find several builds from google image search. To make this build unique, I decided to go full Osprey. That included painting the two tone color scheme, and using decals from Hasegawa’s 1/72 Osprey kit.
As for the HGAC Leo, it has a very simple construction. For example, it uses only 6 ball type polycaps. But range of movement on the limbs is on par with the latest HG kits, making it quite fun to play around with. But be warned, as with any kit, playing with it too much will result in loose joints. Overall, there’s not much to complain about the HGAC Leo.


GBN-Guard Frame

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The HGBD Guard Frame reminded me of a certain country’s riot police. With that theme in mind, I played around with various spare parts and MSG weapon units to get the look that I was aiming for.

Materials & methods:
The work in progress can be found here.
After priming and applying preshading, painting was as follows:
Head: Red madder
Chest, waist: Midnight blue + a bit of blue
Knees, feet: German gray
Other parts: Blue + german gray + intermediate blue
Joints: Dark gray (2)
Shield: Neutral gray
Weapons: Grey FS36118
No weathering this time, just panel lining, decals & flat topcoat.


Some action poses:

And the main reason for the RG hands: Little Armory weapons. The samurai sword in that last pic is from one of the Revoltech skeleton series.

The HGBD Guard Frame has a lot of similarities with the HGBF GM/GM, and to some extent with other recent HG kits. This means that I can swap parts rather easily for kitbashing.
Plus, the range of movement on the joints is also great, and I had fun posing it during photography. I also like that it comes with another head; comes in handy for kitbashing.
Overall, the HGBD Guard Frame is a solid kit, a fun build, and a new model for posing with my Little Armory weapons.

HGBF Mega Shiki

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The 10 day break for this year’s Golden Week in Japan was a perfect time to complete some of my in-progress builds.
I wanted to paint something in gold during the Golden Week, so I chose the HGBF Mega Shiki.

Materials & methods:

I forgot to take photos of the work in progress, but it’s basically a simple kitbashing project using the following parts:
Backpack & feet : HGBF Luna Gazer
Rifle: HGUC Delta Kai
Unicorn beam javelin: Came free with a magazine
I also added some detail parts on the crotch and shins.
Unlike previous builds, I primed all parts with black surfacer instead of the usual grey. For the gold parts, I used Super Gold (Mr. Color Super Metallic) thinned with Gaianotes metallic master thinner.
For other parts, I used different shades of grey, red and blue. After airbrushing the main colors, I hand painted some parts using enamel paints.
Decals were kept to a minimum, mostly on the non-gold parts. I only added two decals on the gold shoulders. Because I liked how the gold color looked like, I didn’t use any topcoat for this build.



This is my first build of the 令和 (Reiwa) era, and the first kit that I painted with gold using an airbrush. I had mixed results using a gundam marker and spray can previously, so I’m quite pleased with how this turned out.
I really like the tone of Mr. Color’s Super Gold; it’s not too yellow and it’s closer to the gold tone of the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 kit.
As for the Mega Shiki, it’s not really fun to play with due to limited range of movement. There’s several obvious seam lines too, namely at the head, shoulders, knee joints, and forearms. Part separation is generally OK, but some masking is required for some parts.
Because of that, the Mega Shiki feels slightly outdated. Or maybe I’m a bit spoilt by the recent GM kits. The good thing is that the Mega Shiki has really nice proportions so at the very least, it looks nice just in a standing pose.

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