Little Armory M4A1 & M203

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Little Armory M4A1 & M203 grenade launcher

As the box label implies, this is an M4A1-M203 combo, which is an under-barrel grenade launcher attachment.  The M203 can be attached to the M4A1, or be built as a standalone grenade launcher. Unfortunately there’s not enough parts to build both configurations. It also comes with one grenade.

All the parts come in black. I painted it with german gray, black and some gun metal. The M4A1 is basically identical to the plain version, but you only have the carry handle instead of a proper scope.

So here’s some detail shots:

And action shots:

Final thoughts:

The positive thing I can say about the M203 is that it adds more ‘volume’ to the puny-looking M4A1. The M203 barrel can also slide in and out, but you can’t actually fit the grenade inside.

I’m just disappointed that they didn’t include  another barrel so that we can have both the standalone version and the attached version. Also, the M203 barrel is not hollow, so that’s a bummer. Finally, I kinda wished they made some kind of M-16 variant instead of reusing the M4A1. But I guess you gotta milk that M4A1 mold for all it’s worth.


Little Armory M24SWS

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Little Armory M24 Sniper Weapon System

The M24 SWS is only the second sniper rifle kit by Little Armory after the M82 series. The kit comes as all black plastic, which looks boring. So I decided to give it a camo paintjob.

The base layer was dark green. Then I applied some camo patterns using blu-tack. That was followed by a layer of light olive green. The final layer was just simply enamel sand brown that I painted using a paint brush.

The kit comes with a separate spotting scope, two bipods and two rifle bolts. The bolts can still be moved back and forth after assembly. The scope lenses were also unfortunately black, opaque plastic. I attached some clear lenses from Wave option parts to the spotting scope, but I ran out of lenses for the rifle scope.

And you can see the size of the M24 compared to the M82A1 below:

Here’s some closeup shots:

And action poses:

Final thoughts:
In terms of design, the M24 SWS looks as basic as you can get. That’s largely the reason why I went for a camo paintjob. With the appropriate hands, it looks nice on Mr Skeleton. But as expected, it was a bit more difficult to get a good pose on the GM. Rifle grips don’t really go well with HG kits.
Overall, it was quite fun painting the camo patterns on this M24 SWS kit. But otherwise, I felt like it’s just another mediocre release.

Little Armory Type 89 Rifle

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Little Armory Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle

The Howa type 89 is an updated battle rifle for the JSDF, replacing the type 64. Like the type 64, this kit comes with a bayonet, two magazines and bipods.

Unlike the type 64, the type 89 is all black plastic. So I painted it with black, german gray and steel.

The type 89 is about the same size with the type 64.

Here’s the rest of the photos:

Final thoughts:
Nothing much to complain about this kit, and nothing to shout home about either. Personally I think it looks better than the type 64, but that’s not saying much. It just looks like a generic assault rifle to me. At least it looks pretty decent when posed with the skeleton & GM.

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