Little Armory G36

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Little Armory G36 assault rifle

The G36 is an assault rifle made by the German H&K company. What’s interesting about this kit is the magazine that’s made of transparent plastic. Other than a spare magazine, there’s no extra parts. I painted it with a combination of black, german gray and gunmetal to break the all-black monotony.

The overall length is quite long, probably the longest in the assault rifle class.

Closeups and action shots:

Final word:
The G36 design gives off a very smooth, streamlined feel. There’s not much surface details to admire, and no extra parts to play around with. The buttstock can be folded to the side, and the transparent magazine looks nice.
In hindsight, I should have painted the inside part of the magazine to make it look like there’s bullets inside. Overall, this feels like a boring kit and one of my least favorites.


Little Armory MP5A4/5

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Little Armory MP5A4/5 submachine gun

This is another variant of the MP5 submachine gun. The difference between the MP5 A4 and A5 variants is the buttstock. Unfortunately, you can only build one MP5 from this kit, but you have a choice of fixed stock, or a retractable stock.
I went for the fixed stock variant (A4) and painted it with german grey, and gunmetal. The safety and fire indicator labels were painted with enamel paints.

As you can see, the main difference with the MP5SD6 version is the barrel and stock. Otherwise, they’re essentially similar.

Closeups and poses:

Final word:
This is another simple build, with not much to offer in terms of gimmicks and extra parts. But I’m a fan of the MP5 design, so I’m not complaining much. Personally, I prefer the looks of the MP5A4 version over the SD6 variant.

Little Armory M249

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Little Armory M249 SAW

The M249 is a light machine gun used as a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). This Little Armory kit comes in all black plastic, except for the ammo box. So I painted it with a mix of german gray, steel, and black paint. The bullets were painted gold, and the ammo box with IJN green.
The various parts are nicely separated, so masking was minimal. I added some panel lining and dry brushing effects. After assembling everything, the only extra part is the bipod.

The overall length is slightly shorter than the M240 machine gun.

Here’s some closeup and posed shots:

(not so) Final word:
The Little Armory M249 was quite a fun build, especially when painting the all-black plastic to make it look like the real thing. The fine details are quite impressive, and the ammo belt is made of solid plastic, unlike the soft types used in the M240 and MG3 kits.
The barrel cover and top plate can fold up, and the barrel assembly can be removed from the body. The kit doesn’t come with any extras, but with the release of the Little Armory Guns Accessory A kit, I decided to build another custom M249…


M249 SAW (Winter Soldier edition)

The M249 that was featured in several movies involving the Winter Soldier had a couple of differences from the standard M249. The stock is different, the barrel is shorter, it has a scope, and uses a long magazine instead of a belt-fed ammo box. The latter two parts were from the aforementioned Guns Accessory A kit. From this list of parts, I picked the 100 round magazine, and the holographic sight and booster.

The sights were easily attached to the top plate rail, but I had to drill some holes into magazine slot to attach the 100 round mag. The original barrel was cut off, and replaced with a short one from the Little Armory Sopmod Block 2 kit.
Also, from various reference photos of the Winter Soldier’s M249, I noticed the carrying handle was folded down. However, the carrying handle on the kit was a static piece of plastic that’s facing up. So I cut it off, and repositioned it with some superglue.
Finally, the sliding buttstock was made from Kotobukiya MSG option parts mixed with some bits from the original kit. Like the real thing, the sliding buttstock can be extended or collapsed without any parts-swapping. Here’s how it looked like before painting:

I painted it in slightly different shades of gunmetal & gray to distinguish it from the stock M249. You can see the size difference between the two:

Closeup shots & poses:

Final word:
This is only the second Little Armory kit I modified after the M14A1-M203 combo. The modifications were a bit more challenging this time, especially sliding buttstock. Although not 100% accurate, but I think I managed to replicate the Winter Soldier’s M249 SAW.
Overall, the Little Armory M249 has nice details, some gimmicks, and the top plate rail offers some degree of customization. It also looks good on the HGUC GMs.

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