Little Armory UMP 45

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Little Armory UMP 45

The H&K UMP submachine gun is the successor to the MP5. This is the second collaboration kit with the Dolls Frontline game. There’s an option to build it with a standard barrel or a suppressed barrel. It also comes with a swappable stock, vertical fore grip, and spare magazine. I painted in standard colors (german gray, dark iron, black), and some details were like the bullets were paint brushed. I also added a torchlight from Guns Accessory A to the left rail.

For a submachine gun, the UMP45 looks quite big :

Closeups and poses:

Final word:
This UMP45 kit has nice surface details and some customizable options in terms of the barrel and stock. The stock involves swapping parts, but I guess that’s preferable over a fragile movable hinge. The size is larger than its predecessor, the MP5, and thus looks nicer on 1/144 gunpla. Does it supplant the MP5 as my favourite SMG? Probably not.

Little Armory Type 95

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Little Armory Type 95 Assault Rifle

This is the first in a series of kits made in collaboration with Dolls Frontline, a mobile game. The first one is the type 95 assault rifle, the service rifle of the People’s Liberation Army. It features a bullpup design, and comes with 3 spare magazines and a bayonet. The plastic is all black, so I painted it with gunmetal, dark iron and german gray.

I purchased another 1/12 Type-95 kit, made by Orange Cat Industry, based in China. This kit comes with a lot more extras and options, shown below:

I went for the top rail and scope configuration, and painted it in the same colors as the Little Armory kit.

Here’s a size comparison:

And closeups and poses:

Final word:
Both Type-95 kits have a simple construction, although the Little Armory kit is made up of more parts. In terms of extras, I have to give the win to Orange Cat. Top rail, scope and grenade laucher beats the Little Armory’s single bayonet. But Little Armory wins by a country mile in terms of boxart.

Despite the relatively generic design, I find that the Type-95 rifle is easier to pose and looks slightly nicer on Gunpla than previous Little Armory bullpup assault rifles like the Steyr and FAMAS. If I have to pick only one Type-95 kit, I’d choose the Orange Cat because of the extras.

Little Armory Water Gun C

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Little Armory Water Gun C & C2

The Little Armory Water Gun C kit comes with two types of submachine guns, namely the MAC-11 and the relatively unknown IDW (Individual Defense Weapon). Other stuff included are the same with the other water gun kits.
The two SMGs are molded in white plastic, so I painted them with Mr Color Steel paint. The IDW has a removable spare extended stock. I also bought the Water Gun C2 kit, which has the same contents, but different colored clear plastic.

You can see how tiny the MAC-11 is compared to other weapons:

Close-ups and poses:

Final word:
The reason I bought both Watergun C and C2 kits is obviously for the dual-wielding poses (and maybe the boxart). The MAC-11 has nice surface detail, but looks really tiny, especially in the hands of 1/144 Gunpla. The IDW is slightly bigger, but lacks interesting surface details.
Upon closer inspection, I noticed some imperfections on the right side surface of both SMGs. But they’re not so obvious unless viewed with a magnifying glass. In short, the SMGs from this Water Gun kit are tiny and require some painting, but quite fun to pose with.

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