HGUC GM Head – Work in progress

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Even though I already built a GM Ground Type by converting the HGUC RX-79[G] kit, I still ended up buying the new HGUC GM Ground Type kit.
Despite being a modern HGUC kit, some parts of the design didn’t sit well with me. Firstly, the face visor looks too narrow. Secondly, the chest vents look too big, as do the front skirt armors. So those were the things that I decided to change up for this build.

I had a spare Ground type GM head that came with the P-Bandai White Dingo GM Sniper II kit. I attached the left cheek(?) from the HGUC Jesta head.

I decided to use the body from the old RX-79[G] kit. On the top part of the chest, I attached some square plates.

To improve mobility, I used ball joints from Hobby Base, with the socket attached to the upper chest,

and in the midriff.

I also lengthened the bottom part by 1.2mm using plaplate.

On the front skirt armor, I attached some leftover detail parts from my HCM-Pro models.

At the back, I added a hatch door from Kotobukiya MSG. I also drilled a hole to attach spare magazines from my HGUC Dom Tropen kit.

The old RX-79[G] and the new Ground Type GM kits have different pegs to which the legs attach. The RX-79[G] has a ball-like tip (B-type) whereas the GM has a rod-like tip (R-type). The new Ground Type GM leg can only fit the R-type peg.

To attach the R-type peg to the RX-79[G] groin, I first drilled a hole at the bottom of the hip part.

Then I inserted a spare polycap inside the cavity.

This will ensure the new peg won’t slip out and retains it’s ability to swivel.

For the side skirt armor, I used the ones from my HGUC GM Striker kit. However, it looked too thin so I added 1.2mm plaplate at the back.

Attaching the new GM arms to the old RX-79[G] body was more problematic that I expected, so I just used the RX-79[G] arms instead. I cut off some plastic in the inner part of the shoulder armor to allow the deltoid(?) part to be inserted after painting.

I added some details on the shoulder armor using MSG parts and 1mm pla strips.

The holes and gashes were made using a drill and chisel.

I decided to use the new GM forearms because it looked so much better. The RG Mk. II Gundam hands were used because I wanted this kit to hold my various Little Armory weapons properly. To connect the old HGUC elbow joints, new GM forearms and RG hands together, I’ll just stuff some epoxy putty inside the forearms and just stick the parts together.

I used the new GM legs with minor additions. This included 1mm square beams to the ankle armors,

and 1mm plaplate to the feet.

I wanted to make a unique weapon for this build, and decided to recreate the MAC-10 submachinegun (SMG).

The base is MSG Weapon Unit 40 (Multi-caliber). I cut off the original grip. On the MAC-10, the grip also holds the magazine. So I cut & pasted the magazine from the Zaku II F2 SMG. The trigger guard was also from the Zaku SMG. The wire stock was from the Ground Type GM SMG.

I also decided to use the suppressor from the new MSG Assault Rifle 2. But it was too long. So I did a cut and paste job, removing excess plastic in the middle.

Also I thought now would be a good chance to use the System Weapons 003 shield. I went for the claw type shield, with no modifications.

So this is what it roughly looks like:

And this is the color scheme that I’m gunning for. It’s based off the S-type Gundam from Thunderbolt.


HGUC GM Kai – Work in progress

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I had some HGUC GM type C (a.k.a GM Kai) parts leftover from the GM Wagtail build. So I decided to augment it with parts from the HGUC GM Custom kit. I kept the original GM Kai head, and it’s the only part that’s not modified. The rest are as follows:

On the top part of the GM Custom chest, I added some panel lines and plaplate strips to add more detail. At the waist, I added 2.4mm plaplate to lengthen it.

To compensate for the lengthened waist, I also elongated the hip joint by 2.4mm.

The front skirt armor was from the GM kai; while at the back skirt, I removed the square block things and filled the gaps with putty.

On the sides of the crotch, I added round plates.

I added a round pipe and some leftover M.S.G parts on the side skirt armor to add more detail.

I already used the GM Kai backpack on my HGUC GM Sniper build. So this time I used the GM II backpack. The pegs don’t match the holes in the GM Custom body, so I used spare runner and epoxy putty to fashion new ones.



I used the arms from the HGUC Powered GM kit. For easier parts separation during painting, I had to modify the elbow joints like so:

As a result, the elbow joint can be easily slotted into the forearm after painting.

I removed some bits from the wrist, and added a square vent from Wave. I had to cut a hole through the square vent so that the hand can be attached.

On the forearms, I added some 1mm plaplate strips for added detail.

The legs were from the GM Custom kit. Again, for easier part separation, I modified the knee joints like so: The red bit shows parts that were trimmed off.

Inside the thighs, I removed some bits of plastic, indicated in red below:

I did the same for the lower legs. The photo below shows the top view:

So now the knee joint can slide into the thighs and lower legs.

The thighs were elongated by 3.6mm. That’s 3 sheets of 1.2mm plaplate. The method I used is in this post.

The GM Custom and GM Kai knees are quite different, as you can see below:

So I transplanted the knee armor from the GM II, resulting in something like this: Uneven parts were filled with polyester putty and sanded down.


You may have noticed the top part of the knee looks different from the original GM Kai knee. To address this issue, I recreated the notch shown by the marker lines in the ‘before’ pic. I did that by simply attaching some strips of plaplate according to the shape. Leftover plastic was trimmed and uneven surfaces were covered with polyester & basic putty.

The MG GM Kai boxart featured a long rifle. Since the HGUC version doesn’t have one, I decided to make one myself.
First, I cut off the barrel and magazine from the original GM rifle. For the new magazine, I used 2 square plates from HD MS Panel 01, with 1mm plaplate sandwiched between. The new barrel was fashioned from a mix of spare runner, plaplate and M.S.G parts.

So here’s what it looked like halfway through. I took this pic before I was finished with all the modifications mentioned above, but you get the idea.

It’s been a while since I made quite a detailed work-in-progress post. I hope you’ll find it useful.

HGUC GM – Work in progress

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For this build, I’m using the body of the HGUC RX-78 Revive and a GM head. The old HGUC GM head is too big and doesn’t fit the more slender RX-78 Revive  body. The HGBF GM/GM kit comes with three heads, one of which looks a bit like the MG GM 1.0 head. In addition to the head transplant, I made some other minor changes outlined below:

This is the aforementioned GM/GM head. No changes except for drilling holes on the vulcan cannons.

The RX-78 and GM torso is basically similar, except for the cockpit. I glued a rectangular piece of 0.5mm plaplate on it.

I used the GM/GM backpack, and covered the two holes with some M.S.G detail parts.

I also made a bazooka attachment using RX-78 parts and a spare peg from the GM/GM kit.

The position of the pegs on the GM/GM backpack didn’t fit the RX-78 body, so I did a simple cut and paste job to make them fit.

For the back skirt armor, I used the one from the old HGUC GM kit. To attach it to the RX-78 hips, I used epoxy putty.

I could have used the old GM parts for the front skirt armor as well, but I wanted extra articulation. So I decided to use the GM/GM skirt armor. I had to split them apart but they fit the RX-78 hips nicely.

Another difference between the RX-78 and GM is the knee armor. To make it look more GM-like, I covered the RX-78 knees with epoxy putty and shaped it like so: Basic putty was applied to smoothen the surface.

No fancy weapons this time. Just the plain ol’ GM beam spray gun from the GM/GM kit. I trimmed off some plastic from the grip and muzzle.

For extra firepower I decided to use the RX-78 bazooka, with no modifications.

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