Below is a catalog of the methods I use for building my kits. Most of it is what I learned from other scale model websites or books. It’s pretty universal, so you can apply them to other plastic model kits, not just Gunpla. I’m continuously learning new techniques & stuff, so any comments & recommendations would be welcome.


How to GUNPLA (model-building workflow)

How to remove nubs

How to remove seam lines

How to do panel-lining

How to apply decals

How to do masking

How to use putty

How to photograph GUNPLA


Tools of the trade

Basic tools

Specialized tools


Airbrushing tools


Customization/adding details

How to create textured/rough surface

How to add wingtip strobelight details

How to paint camo patterns

How to lengthen/extend parts

How to disguise seam lines



How to do dry-brushing

How to do enamel wash

How to use weathering pastel

How to use fine tip marker for weathering




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  1. hello, i hope im not intruding. i jus humbly wish to ask a question about gunpla.

    currently im doing a human mecha (specifically its omnimon reboot) and the male shoulder part connecting to the chest got twisted and broke due to the pressure. i managed to get the broken male piece out of the female but i have no idea to put them back again so that the shoulder piece would at least have support.

    could you advise me on what i should do? =x

    • you can try inserting a metal rod between the broken parts before you stick them together with superglue.

      • um, im sorry but could you go more into the details? like which drill bit or rod you would recommend? and what way is easier for a first-timer. >< i dont really have any clue on how to do this. thankyou..

      • i may not be the best person to ask this, coz i tried it once but failed miserably :p
        but in theory, you should drill holes in both sides of the broken part, enough to accommodate a small piece of metal wire (copper etc…) superglue the wire to one side of the broken part. let it dry, then combine the broken parts with more superglue. which drill bit to use depends on the size of your broken part & the diameter of the metal rod you have available. anything >1mm diameter is ok i guess
        im sorry i cant give you any more advice than this.

  2. lol. thank you. i think its enough already. xD

  3. I have the same problem with my Astreae type f, I broke the connecting knob of the lower arm to the upper arm.However, I don’t wanna put it back, instead I wanna make it look like it was torn off. I want it look mangly and a little battle damaged on that side (cables dangling, dents,etc.,) can you give me some advise about this ?


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