Little Armory M870MCS

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Little Armory M870 shotgun

The M870MCS is the second shotgun kit for Little Armory, after the AA-12. What’s unique about this kit is that you can build 3 variations of the shotgun. Each has different barrel lengths and buttstocks. The MCS stands for Modular Combat Shotgun and as the name implies, you can more or less mix and match the parts.

As you can see, the kit doesn’t come with any extras once everything is assembled.

All the parts came on black plastic runners and so to avoid them arr rook same, I painted them differently using variations of olive green, german gray and steel.

Here’s a size comparison:

And closeup shots:

And action shots:

Final thoughts:
Design-wise there’s nothing much to say. The M870 is the quintessential image of what a shotgun looks like.
I have a mostly positive impression about this kit. First of all, you can build 3 complete shotguns in a single kit. The pistol grips are a nice touch, making them easy to hold in both Mr Skeleton & the GM.
And the M870 looks much better on HG kits than Kotobukiya MSG’s oversized shotgun. Probably the only downside is the lack of extras.


Little Armory AA-12

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Little Armory AA-12 shotgun

The AA-12 is a fully automatic shotgun, and the first shotgun for the Little Armory series. I can’t remember seeing the AA-12 in any movies, except maybe in 2010’s Predators.

Anyway, the kit comes with two types of barrels, a forward grip with flashlight, a standard magazine, a drum magazine and a couple of shotgun shells. The drum mag has a back cover made of clear plastic.

Since the design was rather bland, I decided to give the AA-12 a camo paintjob. First I sprayed navy blue as the base layer. Then I applied some camo patterns using Mr Masking Sol. The applicator brush was too big, so I used a toothpick to apply the camo patterns. Then I sprayed German Gray over it. The barrels were painted with silver. I also hand painted the shells with enamel paints, but I left them on the runner.

Here’s the size comparison with the M870 shotgun (coming up next).

And now some detail shots:

And action poses:


Final thoughts:
Superficially, the design of the AA-12 may look quite basic, but at the same time quite unique. Most people would probably recognize it just by its silhouette.
The kit itself is well detailed, complete with debossed text on the buttstock & magazine. There’s plenty of swappable parts too. The clear plastic on the drum mag was also a nice touch.
And it fits the hands of Mr Skeleton and the GM, so posing it was no problem at all. So overall, the AA-12 is a pretty solid kit.

Little Armory M202A1

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Little Armory M202 Flash Rocket Launcher

The M202 rocket launcher was arguably made iconic by John Matrix in the movie Commando. This is the second Little Armory rocket launcher kit after the AT4. The plastic comes in olive drab and light brown. Also included is a strap, a rocket and some stickers.

I painted the green parts with my own mix of dark green paint, and the extended rocket barrels with copper. As usual, I opted to use my own waterslide decals instead of the included stickers.

There’s two types of configurations to choose from: the compact version, and the extended, ready-to-shoot configuration. You change between the two by swapping parts. Fully extended, the M202 is just a bit longer than the AT4.

Detail shots:

And with the skeleton & GM:

Final thoughts:

The M202 is essentially a square tube that shoots rockets. Design-wise it’s not the most pretty thing you’ll ever see but it does have its own unique looks.

As for the kit itself, I’d put it in the lower tier of all the Little Armory kits I’ve built. For one, the barrels are not hollowed out, making them look invariably toyish. Some of the swapable parts like the front & back covers didn’t fit too well either.

There’s not many poses I can make with the M202 other than the shoulder mounted, shooting pose. Even that pose was a bit difficult to setup on Mr Skeleton. The GM was slightly more forgiving. Speaking of which, the M202 seems like a nice match for the Ground Type GM.

So overall, I feel the M202 somewhat disappoints in terms of build quality and playability.

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