Little Armory Water Gun

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Little Armory Water Gun A

These two watergun kits are identical, save for the color of the plastic. They’re both essentially the M4A1 with some clear plastic parts. The Water Gun A kit has a blue M4A1 and green clear parts, whereas the A2 kit has an orange M4A1 and pink clear parts. Shown below is the A kit:

The clear parts include water balloons, a pump action watergun, some water bottle attachments, and a watergun version of the Luger P08 pistol.

Here’s some poses with Mr. Skeleton:

And now for something slightly different: a Little Armory kitbash. I used the M4A1 from the Water Gun kits, as well as parts from the M870 shotgun kit. I already used up one of the M4A1 barrels for the M134 minigun build.
Like the M134, the inspiration for this build is also the first Predator film. This time I’m making something resembling the M16 with an underbarrel shotgun attachment. Instead of an M16, I’m using the Water Gun M4A1. To make it look more like an M16, I attached the rifle stock from the M870 kit to the M4A1.
It’s just a simple cut and paste job. For the shotgun attachment, I’m using the short barrel M870. It’s glued directly to the underside of the M4A1 barrel. It’s then painted with german gray, steel and black paints. With the rifle buttstock and shotgun attachment, it’s slightly longer than the vanilla M4A1.

Some closeup shots, and some poses:

Final word:
The Little Armory Water Gun A & B kits weren’t high on my wishlist. But since they’re slightly cheaper than a typical Little Armory kit, I thought they’d make good fodder for a kitbash project. Plus I was drawn in by the boxart.
The M4A1-M870 kitbash is slightly different from the one that appeared in the movie, but I had fun making it and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.
So overall, the Little Armory Water Gun kits are not for everyone. Unless you like brightly colored plastic guns, that is. But for me, they served their purpose as kitbash material.


Little Armory Kriss Vector

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Little Armory Kriss Vector

Another SMG from Little Armory, this time it’s the Kriss Vector. The kit comes in black plastic, and I painted it with gunmetal and german gray. I was a bit lazy and didn’t add any more detailing to it.

The good thing about this kit is that it’s quite customizable. You can swap between the extended stock or a small stub. Unfortunately the stock can’t be folded. There’s also a choice between a short barrel, or a suppressed barrel. The magazine and sights are also swappable.

With the stock extended and suppressor attached, the Kriss Vector is about as long as the AKM and the Zaku Machinegun.

So here’s some closeup shots:

And with my various models:

Final word:
The Little Armory Kriss Vector kit is very well detailed, and comes with plenty of options for customization. Personally I prefer the look with everything extended: stock, magazine & barrel.
It’s a solid kit and looks good on the figures as well as the GMs. My only regret was not doing a proper job at painting and detailing it.

Little Armory MG3

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Little Armory MG3 machine gun

The MG3 is a descendant of the MG42 machine gun from WWII. In fact, they’re essentially identical in appearance. This Little Armory MG3 kit comes with two bipods, a drum magazine, and two ammo belts.

The whole thing was black plastic, so I painted it mostly with Burnt Iron and some German Gray. Length-wise, it’s about the same with the M240 machine guns, but the MG3 looks more slim.

First off, some detail pictures:

So now might be a good time to introduce a new addition to my list of figures: the 1/12 scale Synthetic Human by 1000toys. It has a swappable human face, but I prefer the skeleton face.
It has very nice articulation and is very stable. The right hand can hold any weapons very nicely, but the left hand doesn’t have that nice gripping pose. Unfortunately, the Little Armory hands don’t fit.

Anyway, here’s some action poses with the MG3:

Final word:
The Little Armory MG3 has nice details and was fun to put together. The only gimmick is that the top cover can open but that doesn’t matter too much because I just really like how it looks. If you’re a fan of WWII era weapons like me, then this Little Armory MG3 is a solid choice.


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