59th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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I had another excuse to visit Tokyo, this time for the All Japan Model & Hobby Show. The event was at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi exhibition hall in Odaiba, but I made the mistake of going to the actual Tokyo Big Sight one station away.
Anyway, once I finally made it there, I went straight to the Hasegawa section to find some aircraft decals. Unfortunately the selection this time was quite limited, so I left empty-handed as I wandered around to other sections.

At the Bandai section, the upcoming MG release is the FAZZ ver. ka. It looks thicc, and comes with a hefty pricetag as well: 11,000yen.

Another bulky-looking item was the HGUC Penelope from Hathaway’s Flash. Not sure what this mode is supposed to be. Bird-mode?

And surprise, surprise… we have another RX-78 variant. This one’s called the Industrial Design ver., or G40 after the upcoming 40th anniversary. There was a promo video highlighting the design aesthetics but so far I’m not too impressed.

What’s quite impressive is the Metal Structure RX-93 Nu Gundam. At 1/60 scale, it’s a ready made figure with intricate details. Also comes with an eye-watering pricetag: approx. 100,000yen.

The rest of the stuff there were mostly P-Bandai, like the PG Perfect Strike, RG Phenex, MG Destiny etc. Other stuff that caught my eye was the cute Kei truck.

And what’s this? Some collaboration with Nissin ramen? Soon we’ll be scratch building some ramen toppings…

At the Little Armory section, there’s some upcoming releases, but it’s mostly variants of existing kits. The M16A4 and chainsaw looks interesting though…

There were a lot of anime girl kits at the Kotobukiya section, I’m just highlighting this female Ludens from Kojima Productions.

So that’s about it for the highlights. The rest of the photos are below. Enjoy…

58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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Despite the risk of getting caught in typhoon no. 24, I still decided to venture to Tokyo for the All Japan Model & Hobby show. At the Bandai section, I noticed there’s a lot more Premium Bandai releases this time.

The MG releases include MG F91 ver 2.0, MG V2 Assault Buster ver. Ka, MG Ex-S/S Gundam, and the MG Hyaku Shiki Crush. The latter two kits look interesting, but I have too many MG kits in my backlog. The new PG kit will be the 00 Gundam Seven Sword, which totally doesn’t interest me.

Some new grunt units from the upcoming Narrative Gundam series looks interesting: Jesta with A,B,C type equipment, Gustav Karl, & the Jegan D-type Escort.

Here’s some other pics from other sections of the hobby show:

Like last year, the Kotobukiya section has a lot of cool-looking stuff, but I don’t really follow most of it.

The most disappointing part was the Junk City section. There wasn’t any spare gunpla parts at all this time; just some old car & military scale model kits. But I did manage to get a Limited Little Armory G36C/K kit and the P90 TR type that came with a how-to booklet.

57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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So I was back in Tokyo for the All Japan Model & Hobby Show at Tokyo Big Sight. At the Bandai booth, the only big reveal was the PG Exia, slated for a December 2017 release. It has plenty of LEDs, but not as gimmicky as the PG Unicorn. Other than that, most of the new things were P-Bandai.

There’s the HG Zaku Cannon test type, which is almost identical to the standard Zaku Cannon except for the lower legs. And MG ZZ ver.Ka will be getting some expansion pack.

Some new Little Armory kits were also revealed, including a M2 Browning, the WW2 grease gun and a shooting range. Some of the new releases are variations of existing kits, like the M134, Kriss-Vector & M24 sniper rifle.

But if there’s a winner at this show, it’s most likely Kotobukiya. They have a nicer looking display booth, which included a 10:1 scale of Gourai Frame Arms Girl. The new Hexa gear series also looks quite interesting.

Like previous years, there’s the Junk city section where some spare Gunpla parts are sold. But unfortunately this year, most of the stuff was actually junk to me.

I did manage to get some waterslide decals from the Hasegawa section. Other booths were not that interesting, but there was a Frame Arms Girl bus. Not operational of course, but knowing Japan, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it on the road.

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