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You may have forgotten about the HGUC GM III work in progress earlier this year. Well, so did I. I’m currently doing several builds in parallel, in addition to the Zeon Remnants Project. Seeing as how most of these projects won’t be finished soon, I decided to focus on this GM III kit.

Materials & methods:

You can read about the very simple changes I did at the work in progress page.

After priming all parts, I painted the parts as follows:

  • Torso & feet: Russian green
  • Neck & chest vents: Light Gull Grey
  • The rest the body: Dark Grey (1) as base layer -> mask camo pattern -> 90% flat white + 10% German Grey (airbrush).
  • Joints & hands: Zeon MS Grey
  • Backpack and rifle: German Grey

For panel lining, I used black enamel and then added some minimal weathering effects; mainly just dry brushing and some rust effects. After adding some decals, I sprayed everything with flat topcoat. As a finishing touch, I added a sheet of reflective Mirror Finish behind the visor and on the sensor on the left shoulder.



Some action shots:


The thing I like most about the GM III is the face, maybe because the visor looks a bit like a fighter pilot’s helmet. There are other things to like, such as good articulation at the shoulder and elbow joints.

It also has quite a large number of armaments for a GM. There’s two missile launchers on the shoulders and side hips, plus a shield, beam rifle and a pair of beam sabres. Another plus point for the GM III kit is that it has a lot of hands; a pair each of fists, open palm and holding gesture.

There’s nothing wrong with the original GM III shield per se; I simply replaced it with Jegan’s shield to add some uniqueness to this build. The original beam rifle however, looks so plain and generic that it was the first thing I had to replace. The Jesta Cannon beam rifle that I used with looks much better, although it does feel a bit oversized on the GM III.

I’d just like to add that the marco lens can be very unforgiving. When viewed with the naked eye, the kit looks fine. But the closeup shots reveal plenty of sloppiness and imperfections. It can be a bit disheartening, but I try not to loose too much sleep over it.

Overall, I really enjoyed this build and I can safely put the GM III as one of my favourite GM variants.


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