HCM Pro Sazabi (Special Painted Ver.)

January 5, 2009 at 09:56 | Posted in HCM Pro | 5 Comments
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The Sazabi is one of my favourite mechas, but I won’t write a 500-word essay on why in this post. There’s several versions of Sazabi in the market (MG, HGUC, MSIA, HCM Pro) but I went for the HCM Pro version due to its size. Even for the HCM Pro, there’s 2 versions of the Sazabi: the normal and the special painted (SP) version. It was worth holding out and waiting until I found the SP version because it looks sooooo much better. Plus it already has decals on it.

Even though it already looks good out-of-box, i felt compelled to add some panel lines, mostly on the joints and hands. I also painted the beam sabre and axe with clear green because they originally came in yellow color. The amount of details and level of articulation on this model I would say surpasses the MG and HGUC versions. And I just love the metallic red color. Don’t just take my word for it, have a look at these pics or better yet, get one yourself…

sazabi_22 sazabi_23


sazabi_02 sazabi_04 sazabi_05 sazabi_01

sazabi_06 sazabi_08 sazabi_10 sazabi_09

sazabi_11 sazabi_12 sazabi_13 sazabi_14 sazabi_15

sazabi_16 sazabi_17 sazabi_18 sazabi_20




RX-78-2 Gundam (coating ver.)

February 28, 2008 at 18:14 | Posted in Master Grade | Leave a comment
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Yeah, another bling-bling kit. This is the first generation MG RX-78-2, a.k.a ver. 1.0. No surpise that there’s plenty of visible seam lines & poor articulation. The armor can be removed to reveal some internal details and there’s the core block with core fighter as well. Other than that, nothing spectacular about this kit. Just the bling-bling factor.

It was a pretty simple build, not much parts to deal with, unlike today’s MG kits. Because the parts are not undergated, I had to trim off some of the coating during nub removal. I painted the internal details, hands and the beam rifle and also the clear part for the eyes. Lastly I applied some dry transfer decals that came with the kit. Not very noteworthy stuff, but fun nonetheless.

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