Wonder Festival Winter 2010

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Boredom got the better of me when I decided to travel more than 150km to Makuhari Messe for the Winter Wonfes. Again, for the uninitiated, Wonfes is a showcase of figurines, garage kits and some cosplay on the side. Truth be told, I’m not really into any of those, but do like taking photos of both people and inanimate objects. I spent only a few hours at last year’s summer Wonfes but this time a have half a day to look around. Entrance fee was 2000yen and you get a booklet which also acts as the entrance ticket.

I’ll start off with some cutesy pics…

Before moving on to the not so cute…

This is how Batman is supposed to look like:

And as always, there’s Japan’s mascot, Godzilla. The green creature on the left might be a Kappa, but the hairstyle doesn’t suit the traditional description. Maybe he went to a stylist…

There were a few mecha-related figures on display, like these SRW ones:

Unsurprisingly, Gunpla were far and few in between, with most of them found at the Hooby Japan and Dengeki Hobby booths; the rest were scattered among the random garage kit vendors

and then there’s some random mecha

Last year there was a pillow cover of the Yaranaika-man; thankfully I didn’t come across it this year. Instead there’s the more pallatable pillow covers of anime girls:

And now it’s time for the main attraction of Wonfes: the figurines and garage kits. Enjoy

Somehow she looks like she’s wearing cabbages…

Last year there was a model of the (now ex) Prime Minister of Japan. This year’s celebrity is…

no points for guessing correctly. And now we return you to your regular programming…

And finally, some cosplay photos. I have to admire these cosplayers for parading outdoors in the chilly, windy conditions sometimes wearing only the slightest bit of clothing. Understandably, these particular cosplayers (with the least clothing on) have a line of photographers queuing up to take their photos. Here’s just some that I managed to take:

And this is what the inner frame of the Gundam MkII actually looks like:

And that’s about all the pictures I took. I was expecting that photos were the only things I was gonna bring back from this Wonfes, until I came across a small booth selling old and new gunpla kits. I decided to buy the 1/144 Turn-A, seeing as I already had a Kapool and Sumo of the same scale. It was cheaper than a bento, too. As I was on my way to the exit at the end of the day, with most vendors starting to pack up, I chanced upon a vendor selling an MG Strike Freedom Clear Color Version. It was one of the limited items on sale during last year’s Gundam Big Expo. Not wanting to miss out on it again, I proceeded with the purchase. It was slightly cheaper than the original selling price, and much more cheaper than prices quoted on online auctions. Now I’m contemplating whether to build it, or sell it to the highest bidder (cue evil laugh)…. Oh, here’s a photo of my procured items:

For those of you interested in the adult-oriented figurines, you can find some pics here. Definitely not safe for work. You have been warned.

Wonder Festival Summer 2009 (Part I)

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I decided to make a detour to this year’s Wonder Festival (Wonfes) when I was paying homage to the life-sized Gundam in Odaiba. Its actually a showcase of figurines, garage kits and some bits of cosplay.  Yeah, I know this is not really Gunpla-related, but I’ll post the pics here anyhow. I won’t be writing much in this post, I’ll let the pics do the talking. So anyway, enjoy the pics…

I’ll start off with some monster pics:


wf09m_002 wf09m_004 wf09m_005


wf09m_001 wf09m_006 wf09m_008 wf09m_009

And some relatively mild pics of some random figurines:

wf09s_042 wf09s_001 wf09s_002 wf09s_003


wf09s_004 wf09s_006 wf09s_007 wf09s_008


wf09s_010 wf09s_011 wf09s_012 wf09s_014


wf09s_015 wf09s_016 wf09s_019 wf09s_020



wf09s_021 wf09s_022 wf09s_027 wf09s_028


wf09s_024 wf09s_025 wf09s_026 wf09s_029


wf09s_031 wf09s_032 wf09s_033 wf09s_034

wf09s_035 wf09s_036 wf09s_037 wf09s_038

wf09s_039 wf09s_040 wf09s_041

There’s also some people doing cosplay but I couldn’t manage to take that many shots because many of them were already starting to pack up by the time I reached there. So these are the only pics I have to offer. I couldn’t recognize most of what they’re cosplaying as anyways


Except this fella. I pity the fool dude that’s inside that costume. Must be really sweaty inside there with the summer heat. Even the V-fins have wilted :D But I gotta admire his devotion to the arts.

wf09c_002 wf09c_003 wf09c_004 wf09c_007

wf09c_015 wf09c_001 wf09c_008 wf09c_006

wf09c_012 wf09c_013 wf09c_014

And I saved the best for last…

wf09c_009 wf09c_010 wf09c_011

That’s it for Part I. More pics of figurines in Part II is here.

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