HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo – Work in Progress

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I used up quite a bit of the original HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo parts for other projects and for some botched experimentation. So I decided to gather the remaining parts and kitbash them with other parts to make a complete kit. The main objective was to fix the clunky proportions of the original.

Head: The original head was lost to an early attempt at facial surgery. So I used the normal GM Sniper II head instead. I added some details to the attachment on the right ear and replaced the antenna with a Wave option part.

Body: The original body was also lost to an abandoned experiment. Thankfully I still had the GM Sniper II K9 body. To it I attached the more slender waist from the HGUC RX-78 Revive. Gaps were filled with epoxy putty.

Inside the torso I attached a ball joint and its socket.

To the RX-78 waist I attached another ball joint socket.

The hips were from HGUC GM Ground Type, but I retained the side skirt armor of the original.

At the back, I attached the twin beam sabre hilt.

I still had the original backpack, but I added extra details like this round vent:

and this square vernier:

Arms: I used up the original forearms in my GM/GM Command build. So I used the GM Ground Type forearms. The shoulder armor was from the GM Sniper Custom kit.

To attach the elbow armor to forearms, I glued the peg onto the elbow joint:

Legs: I wanted sexier thighs for this build, so I used the ones from the HGUC RX-79[G] Revive kit. I carved out some grooves for added detail:

To attach those sexy thighs to the GM Sniper legs, I had to modify the joints. First I cut off some parts from the RX-79[G] thigh joint:

I did the same to the GM Sniper knee joint:

Glue those parts together and you get this. Now the RG-79[G] thighs can be slotted onto the knee joints.

On the ankle armor, I added 1mm square pipes for extra detail.

On the feet, I also attached 1mm wide plastic strip for added detail.

I still had an extra rifle stock from the now discontinued System Weapon 004 set. So I attached it to the original Sniper Rifle. I also replaced the scope with the one from the GM/GM weapons set.

The original kit came with another rifle, but the stock was detached from another failed experiment. Anyway I reattached it using some spare parts from the GM/GM weapons set. The scope was also slightly modified.

Some vital parts of the original White Dingo shield were missing. But I still had the GM Ground Type shield. So to combine those two parts together, I had to remove some extra pegs from the White Dingo shield and drill some holes on the Ground Type shield.

So here’s the overall look prior to painting:


GM/GM Command – Work in progress

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After using one of the GM/GM heads for my HGUC GIMM build, I was left with two remaining heads. One of them looked like the GM Command head so I went along with that theme.

The head vulcans were replaced with some detail parts from Wave. A hole was drilled on the forehead sensor to accommodate a clear part, also from Wave. The chin protrusion was given a little shave.

To make the GM/GM body look more like the GM Command, a couple of pla-plate sheets were attached to the shoulders.

The chest vents from the actual HGUC GM Command kit were transplanted to the GM/GM chest. A significant portion was trimmed to make it fit inside the GM/GM chest.

The hips were from the GM/GM kit, with 1mm plaplate added on the crotchpiece.

The beam sabre holder from the GM Command kit was glued to the back skirt.

The front and side skirt armors were also from the GM Command kit.

The original GM Command backpack was used. To attach it to the GM/GM body, new pegs were made from spare runners.

Some details were added to the the backpack using a chisel.

The shoulder armor was from the GM Sniper II kit. The position of the peg was modified so that the shoulder armor was raised. To do that, the original peg was cut, and then transplanted to a lower position.

The forearms were also from the GM Sniper II. They were elongated by 1.2mm using the standard method, and  square verniers were attached to the wrists.

Holes had to be drilled through the square verniers to accommodate the  hands.

The GM/GM legs were used. Detail parts were added on the calves.

The soles of the GM/GM feet had some empty gaps. Normally I wouldn’t bother filling them up, but this time I just felt like doing so. Epoxy putty was used to do the job.

The GM Sniper K9 shield was used; two holes were drilled at the top of the shield for the round, grey bits. This was just so that I had less things to mask during painting.

The beam gun was from the original HGUC GM Command kit. The grip was a bit large for the GM/GM hands, so some trimming was needed.

I decided to stay true to the GM Command theme and went for the red/white color scheme.

Zaku Cannon

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There isn’t a HGUC Zaku Cannon kit released yet; only a MG kit and some old MSV kits. I bought a 1/144 Zaku Cannon resin kit from Yahoo Auctions, but that thing was a brick. I wanted to build something with more articulation. So I decided to combine parts of that resin kit, an old 1/144 MSV kit and several HG parts to make my own version of the Zaku Cannon.
It has been a work in progress for quite some time, and now it’s finally done. Throughout the build, only one thing remained constant: the shoulder cannon. All other parts were the result of trial & error to see what works best.

Materials & methods:

The work in progress page can be read here.

For painting, I went for the color scheme that appeared in the Unicorn OVA. All these were airbrushed.

  • Main body: Brown-grey (Gaianotes)
  • Forearms, feet: Russian green (Mr. Color)
  • Front skirt, knees: German Grey + Propellar color (Mr. Color)
  • Thighs: Light gull grey (Mr. Color)
  • Weapons, backpack: German gray (Mr. Color)
  • Joints: Dark gray 2 (decanted from spray can)

After the paint has dried, it’s the standard course: panel lining, decals, light weathering & flat topcoat.


The main cannon and side cannons can be folded to the back

And now some action poses:


To be honest, I didn’t really know how this would turn up. During work-in-progress I just focused on each part separately, without doing any test fitting prior to painting. I messed up some of the decals but overall I think the whole thing looks quite alright. The HG Bugu legs don’t look out of place, either.
While it looks fine standing up, I had to be careful when posing it for the photoshoot. The joints were kinda stiff and I was paranoid about breaking something. Also I unintentionally scraped some of the paint off while fiddling with different poses. Fortunately they were small enough for me to disguise them as weathering, simply by drawing over them using my black, fine tip Gundam marker.
According to my initial plan, this build should’ve been the last of my Zeon Remnants Project. But I’m thinking of adding one (or maybe two) more builds to this project. Stay tuned…

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