Shizuoka Hobby Show 2012 (Part 1)

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I guess I should write about this while things are still fresh in my mind. Anyway, last weekend I went for my annual trip to the Shizuoka Hobby Show. As I did last year, I’ll just write a brief summary of what’s interesting in the Bandai booth and let you guys see the pics for yourselves. So here goes:

Master Grade: From the SEED series there’s the upcoming MG Blitz Gundam. From what I saw, it’s looks very similar to its 1/100 version, so I’ll pass. But what I won’t pass is the MG Buster Gundam, which is next on the line and displayed as a grey prototype at the show. For UC fans, there’s the MG Marasai which you can attach a green LED monoeye & ballute system (both sold separately). For AGE, I guess there’s MG AGE-2  (or was it 3?) coming up, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Real Grade: On display were the current Mk-II models, as well as the upcoming RG Justice Gundam. Not my cup of tea, but if you have the RG Freedom, I guess you might need its ‘partner’. Typical of Bandai, they’ll be releasing the greyed-out Phase Shift Down version on the Bandai Hobby Site. Anyone wanna guess what’s the next RG kit?

High grade: From the Unicorn OVA there’s the HGUC Ankusha. It looks kind of nice in MS mode, but I have soft spot for the Asshimar. Then there’s the HGUC Zaku Marine and the ReZEL Type-C Defenser b-unit. I kinda like the orange-grey color scheme of the ReZEL but one ReZEL is enough for me. There’s also the Base Jabber which is a UFO-like mobile suit carrier featured in the Unicorn OVA. Oh and how can I forget the flying space stingray: the HGUC Hambrabi. The design is too funky for me but I’m sure its fans will rejoice. Of course there’s also HG kits from the AGE series but nothing interest me.

Bandai Hobby Site items: On display were the stuff that you can only get from Bandai’s Hobby Site, such as clear plastic versions of HGUC Jesta & Delta Plus. Also displayed were the G-Defensor & Flying Armor for the RG Mk-II. There’s also recolored versions of existing kits like an orange-grey version of the plain ol’ HGUC ReZEL, Full Frontal use HGUC Geara Doga & the Phase Shift Down RG Justice/Freedom.

Option parts: Interestingly, Bandai will release some option parts in 1/100 and 1/144 scale. These include various shaped pink beams for more interesting beam rifle shot effects; spikes for Zaku shoulders, verniers and some hands. Some of these are already available by Kotobukiya et al. but it’s nice to have some options. As a follow-up to the 1/144 scale System Weapons, the third edition will feature beam rifle for 0083 Stardust Memory Gundams and shields for the MS 08th Team era mobile suits.

Other than Bandai stuff, I also took photos from other sections but I won’t be elaborating on them too much. What I’ll say is that for AGE gundam fans, Hobby Japan & Dengeki Hobby Magazines will release some add-on parts for modification into AGE-2 Artemis & AGE-1 Razor.

With that, I wrap up my report for this years Shizuoka Hobby Show. The next part of my report which features various works by Japanese modelling circles can be found here.

GM Wagtail

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The GM Wagtail conversion parts were a ‘free’ addition with the May 2011 edition of Dengeki Hobby magazine. All the parts are molded in white and you need a HGUC GM Type C kit to build it. The conversion parts essentially involve the head, shoulders, hips, backpack, forearms and lower legs. Also provided are a beam rifle and a half-shield.

Materials & Methods

Seam lines that needed to be fixed are at the forearms, lower legs, shoulders and beam rifle. I was a bit lazy & messy with seam line removal and some scratch marks still can be seen. No modifications were made to the body, but I modified the beam rifle a bit. I cut off the end of the barrel and the round scope/sensor thingy and replaced them with some spare parts from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G Weapon Unit 16 (Shotgun). I also decided to give it the naginata from the M.S.G Weapon Unit 9 (Sniper rifle).
Painting is a must for this kit, if not it’ll look horrible with different parts in white, cream & dark blue colors. I went for a Safari-esque color scheme. The chest,shield & feet were painted dark green & for the rest of the body I did a camouflage pattern using grey & sand color spray cans. I did the same for the weapons. Masking was done using Tamiya tape or blue tack. Finally I applied an enamel wash with dark brown + yellow paints before applying the decals & some light weathering effects.



Overall, it was quite a lot more work than I expected, especially with the masking. Plus I had to wait out for the rainy days (thanks to Typhoon No. 12) to pass by before I could paint. My only gripe with this kit is that the legs do look a bit short. Also, although several types of hands were provided, none of them were for holding a weapon on the left hand. Maybe Bandai doesn’t like lefties. Now that I’m done with this, I dunno whether I should continue with my long-abandoned Sinanju or start with my RG Zaku (White Ogre project). Hmmm…choices, choices, choices…

Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base

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This 1/48 scale head display base is a free gift that came with the January issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine. Well it wasn’t exactly free coz the price of the magazine was higher than the average issue. The head can be transformed into the Destroy and Unicorn modes pretty easily and at the back there is a stand for 1/144 scale models. The whole thing was molded in white except for the pink transparent parts. It already looks fine assembled as it is, but that won’t satisfy me.

After looking at some reference pics from the internet, I decided to give it a proper paint job. The white parts are sprayed with Gundam Color Spray 04: White pearl semi gloss, the neck sprayed with Mr Color Dark gray (2) and the underside and stand were colored with Mr Color German Gray. The V-fins were handpainted with enamel yellow. Since it didn’t come with any stickers for the eyes, I used some leftover foil stickers. And then I found out that the February issue of Dengeki Hobby came with proper eye stickers and other decals for the Unicorn head. It’s a bit too late now, I’ve already finished with it and won’t be buying another head just to use up them stickers. Anyway, I used some water decals on mine.

Here’s the finished product and I’ll follow it up with some pics with my SHCM-Pro Unicorn. Stay tuned

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