HGUC Desert Zaku

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The Desert Zaku was not in my initial plan for the Zeon Remnants Project (ZRP), but I included it anyway because I was going nowhere with the other kits in that list. I wanted to do something simple before I get too mired in my gunpla rut.

So for this project, I’m using the HGUC Zaku II F2 as base and incorporate parts from other kits to make something that resembles the Desert Zaku.

Materials & methods:

Read the work-in-progress here.

For painting, I decided to stick to the original color scheme. I mixed my own paint as follows:

  • Shoulders: ~60% green + ~20% Russian green (2) + ~20% german gray
  • Torso & lower legs: Propeller color (Mr Color 131)
  • Arms & thighs: Brown (Gaianotes 207) + a few drops of Smoke gray
  • Bazooka: Yellow brown (Gaianotes 205). Airbrushed camo patterns directly using the above dark green mixture

After the paint has dried, I applied some decals, sealed them with gloss topcoat, and then applied my standard weathering treatment:  enamel wash (red brown + yellow), paint chipping, dry brushing, and some weathering pastel around the feet. Finally it’s the mandatory flat topcoat.


HGUC Desert Zaku

Now some photos of the weapons:

And finally some action poses:



After a few months break, the Zeon Remnants Project is now back on track. Although I named this one the Desert Zaku, the only thing that’s accurate is my color scheme. It is still essentially a Zaku II F2 with Hizack & Zaku Desert Type parts attached to it. I didn’t modify the proportions or articulation this time since I don’t want to further complicate this project.

Actually my favourite part of this build is the weapons. It was really satisfying to modify the Zaku 90mm machinegun into the quintessential Nazi weapon, the MP40. Although not 100% accurate, I think I managed to retain the spirit of it. As for the bazooka, it was my first attempt at drawing camo patterns directly using the airbrush. If you look at it closely, you’ll notice some paint sputtering. Definitely needs more practice.

With this one complete, I hope I can return to my remaining Zeon remnant builds and finish them up. If I’m stuck again, I just might add another new kit to the ZRP list…

Zeon Remnants Project: current status

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It’s winter again and as you can see from the totally scientific chart below, it means some downtime in my gunpla activity.


As a result, it is definitely impossible for me to finish the remaining Zeon remnant kits by this year. So far, of the 10 kits from this list, I have finished 7 of them. Here they are lined up nicely on my shelf. You can view them individually in the gallery page.


The remaining 3 are the Zaku Cannon, Galluss K and Efreet Schneid. If you’re wondering what happened to them, read on:

For the Zaku Cannon, I decided to build one that’s close to the original design instead of building a Zaku Half Cannon. I’ve settled on most parts on the top half of the body, it’s the legs that got me stuck.  Completion status: ~50%


As for the Galluss K, it’s a kitbash between the HGUC Schzrum Galluss and the Galluss J. It’s not so straight forward as I would’ve liked and I still haven’t decided on a lot of things, for example the head & backpack design.  Completion status: ~40%


I initially thought the Efreet Schneid would be the most problematic, but so far it hasn’t been the case. I’m using the Gouf R35 kit as the base and attaching Efreet Nacht resin parts on it. Right now I’m having problems attaching the lower legs (resin) to the knees. Maybe I’ll just use Gouf Custom legs instead. Completion status: ~60%.



And now I’d like to announce a last-minute addition to the Zeon Remnants Project: the Desert Zaku.


Using the HGUC Zaku II F2 kit as base, I added parts from the MSV Zaku Desert Type kit. The Zaku Desert Type and Desert Zaku are not the same thing, so this one will be a mashup of both designs. Completion status: ~70%.


It may seem that I have started all these projects simultaneously, but actually as I was building the Zaku Cannon, I got stuck on some parts and started with the Galluss K. Then when I encountered a problem with that, I started with the Efreet Schneid. And when that came to a halt, I started with the Desert Zaku. And so that’s how I ended up with four ongoing projects right now. I’m not sure when I can finish them all but it’s definitely not this year. With that I wish you all Happy Holidays.

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