Unicorn frenzy

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It started with the Unicorn head display base, then the SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam. Now I find myself wanting to buy more Unicorn related merchandise. Blame it on the 1st episode of the Unicorn Gundam OVA, which was released late Feb 2010. I bought the standard definition version from the Sony Playstation store and was pleasantly surprised to find it with english subtitles. The whole 60minutes of the OVA was just pure awesomeness. That prompted me to make my first ever anime Blu-ray purchase; it was THAT worth it. Made my purchase from Amazon.jp and a few days later it arrived in my mailbox.

Needless to say, I was a happy person. The only downside is that the Blu-Ray didn’t come with any extras, other than some Bd-live thing which I haven’t accessed yet. It does come with a booklet, mostly interviews n stuff and its all in Japanese. Now comes the hell of waiting months for the next episode. Maybe buying some model kits from the series would make the wait less tormenting.

So I headed to my local gunpla store and bought these two HGUC kits: Geara Zulu and Rezel Command type.

I bought the Command type ReZel just because the beam cannon looks more appealing than the standard type. I was tempted to buy the HGUC Loto as well, but I limited myself to those two (for now). Of course I already have plans for these two. For the ReZel, I’ll be keeping the original colors, but maybe add some GFF-style decals. But the problem would be finding said decals. Well there’s always plan B. As for the Geara Zulu, since it is already German-esque, I’ll repaint it with German gray, like this bad boy here:

Oh, did I mention those two purchases came with freebies? For HGUC kits from the Unicorn series, they are giving out a clear folder with images of either the Unicorn (Destroy or Unicorn mode), Ksatriya and ReZel. Unfortunately I can choose only one per purchase so I chose these two:

Now I’m wondering if they’ll ever release a HGUC version of the Sinanju. If they ever did, painting will surely be a pain in the butt, I tell you what.

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