GM Wagtail

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The GM Wagtail conversion parts were a ‘free’ addition with the May 2011 edition of Dengeki Hobby magazine. All the parts are molded in white and you need a HGUC GM Type C kit to build it. The conversion parts essentially involve the head, shoulders, hips, backpack, forearms and lower legs. Also provided are a beam rifle and a half-shield.

Materials & Methods

Seam lines that needed to be fixed are at the forearms, lower legs, shoulders and beam rifle. I was a bit lazy & messy with seam line removal and some scratch marks still can be seen. No modifications were made to the body, but I modified the beam rifle a bit. I cut off the end of the barrel and the round scope/sensor thingy and replaced them with some spare parts from Kotobukiya’s M.S.G Weapon Unit 16 (Shotgun). I also decided to give it the naginata from the M.S.G Weapon Unit 9 (Sniper rifle).
Painting is a must for this kit, if not it’ll look horrible with different parts in white, cream & dark blue colors. I went for a Safari-esque color scheme. The chest,shield & feet were painted dark green & for the rest of the body I did a camouflage pattern using grey & sand color spray cans. I did the same for the weapons. Masking was done using Tamiya tape or blue tack. Finally I applied an enamel wash with dark brown + yellow paints before applying the decals & some light weathering effects.



Overall, it was quite a lot more work than I expected, especially with the masking. Plus I had to wait out for the rainy days (thanks to Typhoon No. 12) to pass by before I could paint. My only gripe with this kit is that the legs do look a bit short. Also, although several types of hands were provided, none of them were for holding a weapon on the left hand. Maybe Bandai doesn’t like lefties. Now that I’m done with this, I dunno whether I should continue with my long-abandoned Sinanju or start with my RG Zaku (White Ogre project). Hmmm…choices, choices, choices…

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