Gunpla Expo 2015

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This year’s Gunpla Expo in Akihabara featured mostly kits from the Gundam Origin OVA and the current anime, Iron-Blooded Orphans (IBO). From the Origin series, the upcoming HG releases are the Zaku I, prototype Zaku I, prototype Dom, and an unknown unit. I’m glad the Zaku I gets a new release and can’t wait for next spring. There’s also the MG Gundam Origin which is already on sale.

There’s several kits from the IBO series, but I’m not too familiar with the names since I haven’t watched it yet. The 1/100 kits seem to have a complete inner frame but oddly enough not considered as MG.

For the HG revive series, we’ll be getting the Quebley, Gouf, Gyan and Force Impulse. The upcoming RG releases are the most disappointing (to me, at least). We’ll have the Wing Gundam (Endless Waltz), followed by the RG Quanta. I haven’t bought an RG kit since the RG Z’Gok, and at this rate, that trend sets to continue.

The next bit of news was more to my liking: the next RE/100 kit is the Efreet custom. I was hoping for a GM Sniper II, but the Efreet is fine too. The MG series featured another re-release; this time it’s MG Freedom 2.0. Compared with the old MG, the 2.0 version has that ver. Ka feel to it.

Like previous expos, they had a section for gunpla made by famous people in Japan. The ones painted in gaudy colors tend to be made by idol group members. But there are some nice ones like the orange balls. The last section was for the Gunpla Builders World Cup entries. There were many very impressive builds on display but my personal favourite was the Sengoku Astray in a Japanese-style room. Turned out the winner was the Talgeese A.

Here’s the limited kits on-sale during the expo. I didn’t buy any of them, but I did get a free door gift upon entry. It was just a base plate with Gundam 35th written on it.


Gunpla Expo 2014

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The star of this year’s Expo is undoubtedly the PG Unicorn. Only a poster was presented at the last hobby show, so this time we get to see the real thing. At first glance, it looked no different from the MG version, but what really separates them (apart from the obvious size) is the LED gimmick. With the amount of lighting it has, you can swap it for your Christmas tree for the coming festive season. It also appears to have a better articulation than the MG counterpart. If you’re wondering what the third mode is, it’s called ‘Destroy Unchained’. Basically it’s just some extra flaps that open on the head, forearms and legs.

From the HG section, there were some HG kits from the newest Gundam series (Reconguista in G) as well as some Build Fighters kits. Also seen were the prototypes for Char’s Zaku and Guntank from Gundam: The Origin, HGUC V-Dash Gundam and HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam. The previously announced RG Wing Zero was also on display. The next RG is disappointingly the the 00 Gundam with the Double 0 Riser. 

The RE/100 lineup had the Mk-III Gundam as well as the prototypes of the GP04 Gundam and Dijeh.  The next MG release seems to be the Double X Gundam and the Exia Dark Matter. The Premium Bandai section had some extra goodies for the soon-to-be-released kits, like a stand and feather effects for the RG Wing Zero Custom and Full Armor parts for the PG Unicorn. Perhaps the most unexpected surprise was the MG Zeta 3B (Gray Wolf) and MG Zeta 3C (Red Zeta) from Gundam Evolve.

And finally there’s Gunpla Builders World Cup entries from Japan. There were plenty of very amazing works and visitors get to vote their favourite entry. I voted for the Phenex GFT diorama but the winner was deservedly the very detailed and green Byarlant Custom.

Gunpla Expo 2013

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The headline act for this year’s Gunpla Expo is probably the various Build Fighters kits, but I’ll get into that in a minute. First, Master Grades. There’s more of the MG Sazabi ver. Ka on display, and then there’s MG Gundam X, in full color this time. Also getting a MG release is the Turn-X, but we only get to see its silhouette this time. The Unicorn Gundam Phenex will also get the MG treatment, and this time it will go full bling-bling. Expect to pay a king’s ransom for it.

There’s a lot more HG kits this time, and most of them are from the Unicorn (Kshatria repair ver, Doven Wolf) and the Build Fighters series. Thunderbolt kits are also on display, and the boxarts look as impressive as the kits themselves. A new HG Turn-A is also worth a mention.

The PG Astray Blue Frame turns out to be a Premium Bandai exclusive, as are HGUC Byarlant Customs, MG Impulse Destiny, and MG Trans-Am Raiser. On a related note, guess what’s the next RG kit? The HG Exia version already has quite a lot of details & good articulation, so I wonder what kind of improvements will the RG treatment bring. But I’m more looking forward to the next RG, which I hope will be from the UC universe.

Other than official Bandai kits, there’s also Gunpla built by some Japanese celebrities on display. But more impressive are the kits for the Gunpla competition. Here’s just some of the photos I took. Wasn’t able to take too many photos because people just crowded in front of the displays without moving.

And finally, here’s some of the Expo exclusive items. I didn’t buy any since none of them interest me.

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