2016 report card

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As 2016 rolls to an end, I decided to take a look back at the kits I’ve completed this year. 2016 started with a Zeon Remnant kit, the Zaku Desert, and finished with another, the Galluss K.

In between, I completed a couple of GMs & Grazes, a Ball, a Gouf and an Efreet. That’s 9 kits in total, meaning my build rate is one kit per 1.333 months or 0.75 kits per month. At that rate, and assuming I don’t buy any additional kits (highly unlikely), it would take 5.5 years to complete my current backlog. Just realizing the fact that I have approximately 50 unbuilt kits makes me ponder…

But anyway, here’s all that I built this year. I didn’t include the various Little Armory kits, though.


The Graze kits are the only non-UC kits I’ve built this year, and they’ve been quite a fun little package.


The two GM kits I built (GM III and Semi Striker) were featured in the Unicorn OVA, and it’s a prelude to more EFSF builds based on that series. The Thunderbolt Ball will also be supplemented with a pair of Balls in the near future.

2016output_03 2016output_04

I finished 4 Zeon kits this year, 3 of which are part of my Zeon Remnants Project.

2016output_05 2016output_06

Speaking of which, I’m adding a final addition to the project: the Juaggu. Despite stating at the start of the project that I’m not into unconventional Zeonic designs, I just wanted to finish this Zeon Remnants Project with something quite different.

So here’s to a more productive 2017. Cheers.


HG Graze Kai

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I built this HG Graze Kai kit in parallel with the standard Graze. They’re not that different, but the most obvious difference is the head. I bought a standard Graze head at Yellow Submarine because I initially wanted to use the Graze Kai head for another project. But I changed my mind and so I retained the Kai head.

Materials & methods:

I did the same modifications as the HG Graze. In addition, I modified the backpack so that a wing binder from MS Wing is attached.

For the weapons, I modified the original rifle by attaching the magazine to the middle of the rifle. I also decided to attach a bipod from one of my Little Armory M240 kits.

The Graze Kai was supplemented with the sniper rifle leftover from my HG Dynames kit. I attached the magazine from a GM machinegun and a clear lens inside the scope. Also drilled some holes on the muzzle and replaced the grip.

HG Dynames sniper rifle mod

I chose the color scheme of another mecha from Aldnoah Zero: the mass produced, olive-drab Kataphrakt. I used the leftover paint I mixed for my HGUC Jegan ECOAS build.


HG Graze Kai

Action poses and group photos:


I have to say I’m quite impressed with both the standard Graze and Graze Kai kits. The design looks quite unique and I like that some bits of the inner frame can still be seen even with the armor on. The head can be opened to reveal some extra details, too. Another plus point is the range of movement that surpasses most HGUC kits. It can do a pretty decent kneeling pose and the chest can swivel upwards and downwards.

The only minus points are that the included weapons are quite boring and the hands have only the gripping pose. I modified the existing weapons, added new ones as well as better hands.

I’m pretty happy with the build, except maybe the paintjob. The Graze was more brown than orange, and the Graze Kai was more green than olive drab. Overall, both these kits have left a pretty good impression and I might consider getting more kits from this series.


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