2016 report card

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As 2016 rolls to an end, I decided to take a look back at the kits I’ve completed this year. 2016 started with a Zeon Remnant kit, the Zaku Desert, and finished with another, the Galluss K.

In between, I completed a couple of GMs & Grazes, a Ball, a Gouf and an Efreet. That’s 9 kits in total, meaning my build rate is one kit per 1.333 months or 0.75 kits per month. At that rate, and assuming I don’t buy any additional kits (highly unlikely), it would take 5.5 years to complete my current backlog. Just realizing the fact that I have approximately 50 unbuilt kits makes me ponder…

But anyway, here’s all that I built this year. I didn’t include the various Little Armory kits, though.


The Graze kits are the only non-UC kits I’ve built this year, and they’ve been quite a fun little package.


The two GM kits I built (GM III and Semi Striker) were featured in the Unicorn OVA, and it’s a prelude to more EFSF builds based on that series. The Thunderbolt Ball will also be supplemented with a pair of Balls in the near future.

2016output_03 2016output_04

I finished 4 Zeon kits this year, 3 of which are part of my Zeon Remnants Project.

2016output_05 2016output_06

Speaking of which, I’m adding a final addition to the project: the Juaggu. Despite stating at the start of the project that I’m not into unconventional Zeonic designs, I just wanted to finish this Zeon Remnants Project with something quite different.

So here’s to a more productive 2017. Cheers.

HG Graze

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Even though I haven’t watched the Iron Blooded Orphans series yet, the Graze model kit looked somewhat appealing. The design is a breath of fresh air in a franchise filled with Gundams & Zakus; yet it feels oddly familiar…  I ended up buying two of them: a standard Graze and the Graze kai, both 1/144 scale. Since they’re very similar, I decided to build both at the same time. First up is the HG standard Graze:

Materials & methods:
Hands: The kits only come with a pair of hands: the ones for holding the weapons. The 1/144 MS hands felt a bit too big, so I bought HGBC Build Knuckles. The Build Knuckles come in 3 sizes and with 3 fixed poses each. I used the small sized fists and open palms for this build.

Waist: The whole torso proportion looked too shallow for me, so I decided to elongate it at the waist part. First I cut off the original peg, attached 1.2mm plaplate, and then reattached the peg on top of it.

HG Graze waist mod

Thighs: I did the same thing with the thigh joints:

HG Graze thigh mod

Weapons: I modified the original rifle by attaching the drum magazine from a Zaku machinegun. Also attached an additional grip at the barrel.

HG Graze rifle mod

I decided to arm it with a grenade launcher from HG Orphans MS options set 2. I shortened the barrel and trimmed some unwanted plastic. Also attached some random pieces of plastic I had lying around to give it some detail. Also used the shield that came in that weapon set.

HG Orphans 1/144 MS Option Set 2 grenade launcher

For CQB, I replaced the original axes with a combat knife and something that looks like a meat cleaver from MSG Knife set. Also used the shield from the HG Orphans MS option set 1.

The color scheme I went for was the orange Kataphrakt from Aldnoah Zero. I tried my best to mimic that design with some white stripe decals. Finally I finished it off with some light weathering  and flat topcoat.


HG Graze orange color

And some action poses:


I’ll summarize my final thoughts about both the standard Graze and Graze Kai in the followup post.

But I’ll just say that the paintjob didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted; it looked more brown than orange. I didn’t really pay close attention to the paint ratios as I was mixing them for airbrushing. Oh well… I can always try again on another orange themed gunpla kit.

The completed HG Graze Kai can be found here.



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