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I bought the HGBF GM/GM kit after looking at some convincing reviews. The HGUC GM line sorely needs to evolve, and the GM/GM appears to be a step in the right direction.
The kit comes with 3 different heads: one was used for my GIMM, and I’m using the GM Command head lookalike one for this build. To complete the overall theme, I added parts from the old HGUC GM Command kit.

Work in progress page is here.
Painting was relatively simple: red and white. For the white parts, I used Off-white straight. The red parts were red plus a bit of german grey. Only the beam gun required some masking.
Prior to painting, all parts were coated with grey surfacer, followed by pre-shading lines using german gray.
I decided not to weather it this time, just some black pastel smudges near the leg vents.
The rest is just standard S.O.P: decals, panel lines and flat topcoat.


I’m really impressed with the GM/GM kit. The proportions have a slender and sleek look to it, and the articulation is great. The upper chest can even pop forward, revealing some internal details.
You might notice some of the poses are similar to the ones from P-Bandai’s MG GM Command page. It was partly due to my laziness, but also I thought it might be interesting to recreate those poses.
Anyway, I quite enjoyed this build, and I might even consider making other GM variants using the GM/GM as base.


GM/GM Command – Work in progress

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After using one of the GM/GM heads for my HGUC GIMM build, I was left with two remaining heads. One of them looked like the GM Command head so I went along with that theme.

The head vulcans were replaced with some detail parts from Wave. A hole was drilled on the forehead sensor to accommodate a clear part, also from Wave. The chin protrusion was given a little shave.

To make the GM/GM body look more like the GM Command, a couple of pla-plate sheets were attached to the shoulders.

The chest vents from the actual HGUC GM Command kit were transplanted to the GM/GM chest. A significant portion was trimmed to make it fit inside the GM/GM chest.

The hips were from the GM/GM kit, with 1mm plaplate added on the crotchpiece.

The beam sabre holder from the GM Command kit was glued to the back skirt.

The front and side skirt armors were also from the GM Command kit.

The original GM Command backpack was used. To attach it to the GM/GM body, new pegs were made from spare runners.

Some details were added to the the backpack using a chisel.

The shoulder armor was from the GM Sniper II kit. The position of the peg was modified so that the shoulder armor was raised. To do that, the original peg was cut, and then transplanted to a lower position.

The forearms were also from the GM Sniper II. They were elongated by 1.2mm using the standard method, and  square verniers were attached to the wrists.

Holes had to be drilled through the square verniers to accommodate the  hands.

The GM/GM legs were used. Detail parts were added on the calves.

The soles of the GM/GM feet had some empty gaps. Normally I wouldn’t bother filling them up, but this time I just felt like doing so. Epoxy putty was used to do the job.

The GM Sniper K9 shield was used; two holes were drilled at the top of the shield for the round, grey bits. This was just so that I had less things to mask during painting.

The beam gun was from the original HGUC GM Command kit. The grip was a bit large for the GM/GM hands, so some trimming was needed.

I decided to stay true to the GM Command theme and went for the red/white color scheme.


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I thought I’d start off the Year of the GM with the first generation GM. I’m using the HGUC RX-79-2 Revive as base, complemented with HGBF GM/GM parts. Instead of the mint-green/red color scheme we’re all familiar with, I went for the RealType GM look, particularly based on this old kit:

Materials & methods:

The work in progress can be found here.
I primed all parts with grey primer and then added preshading lines (german gray) using my 0.2mm nozzle airbrush.
Painting was relatively simple:
Red parts: 80% red + 20% orange-yellow
White parts: 95% white + 5% yellow
Joints were dark gray (2), the backpack nozzles were starbright duralumin, followed by clear blue. I also sprayed clear blue over the visors.
The tricky part was the decals. I don’t have the exact set of decals for the Realtype GM look, so I made do with whatever decals I had in my possession. In the end it looked close enough.
Then I applied some light weathering with black enamel wash and some paint chipping effects. Then it’s the final flat topcoat.


And now some action poses:


I have to admit, I had a lot of fun posing this kit during the photo shoot. It may be a testament to how good the RX-78 Revive kit is. It’s easy to get dynamic poses, and despite the small feet, the kit feels really stable.

My only minor gripe is the GM/GM head. At certain angles, the thin, polycap neck looks quite jarring. I would’ve preferred a nicer looking GM head, but that’s what I have at the moment.

So this is my first entry for the Year of the GM. The mods are fairly uncomplicated, so that’s why I could finish it pretty quickly. But now I’m having doubts about finishing one kit per month, as I originally planned. Perhaps I shouldn’t rush into it and focus on quality, not quantity…

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