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Yes, I know I’m late for the Hazel party. They became quite popular since their release many years ago, which was when I bought this kit (and a few others). I thought I’d start off with this one, since it looks like the most straight forward of the bunch. I did contemplate doing some modifications, but eventually I decided to do an Out of Box build.

Materials & Methods:

Although I say OOB, there was one thing that I just had to modify, and that was the shallow waist. I added a sheet of 1.2mm plaplate at the bottom. Other than that, I only had to fix some seam lines on the arms and shoulders. I also used a pair of hands and verniers from MS Builder parts.

I spent much time mulling over what kind of color scheme I should use. In the end I decided to stick to the original color scheme. Too much white looks boring, so I sprayed Light Gull Grey on some parts. To make the kit color accurate, there were many small bits that had to be either masked, or hand painted with a fine brush. Some sensor parts on the head, shins and backpack were supposed to be painted light green, but I attached reflective stickers and painted clear green over them.

After panel lining with black enamel, I added some AOZ waterslide decals from Samuel decals. Finally I added some faux post-shading effects using black weathering pastel and sealed it off with flat topcoat.



The kit originally comes with one booster shield, one normal shield (not shown) and one beam rifle. The extra shields and rifle that you see above are taken from my HGUC Advanced Hazel kit.

To me, main appeal of this kit is the unique design. It may look short and stumpy, but it complements the overall bulky look. Even without modifications or painting, it would still look acceptable. But to make it look even better, some effort is needed.

Parts and color separation is good, but not good enough. There are plenty of parts that needed to be painted yellow. The most challenging part has to be the forehead piece, where you have bits of yellow in between the green sensor parts.

With the booster shield attached to the backpack, the kit tends to topple back when not attached to a stand. And if you look closely, there’s a small gap between the back part of the knees and the lower leg.

It may seem like I’ve written a lot of negative comments, but in actuality I really love this kit and the Hazel designs in general. It’s just that I spent a lot of time masking than I would have liked.





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