Hayato’s wish

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No expanation needed for this one, so just enjoy…




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If you didn’t notice it already, this next 4-koma is a parody of Initial-D. On the last panel, the “06” refers to Char’s Zaku MS-06 and in the original Japanese text it was written as “zero-roku”, in reference to the infamous tofu-delivery car  “hachi-roku”.


Amphibious mobile suit

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Taking a break off gunpla for a while, and I thought I’ll start something new for this site. I have some gundam parody manga entitled Kidou Senshi Gundam-san (Mobile Suit Mr.Gundam) that I’d like to share. It’s mostly in 4-koma format but there’s some extended sections involving Mr Zaku et al. I’m not sure if  any scanlation has been done on this manga, but I’ll just post random sections that I think are funny and easy to translate. Bear in mind my Japanese isn’t up to scratch yet, so the translations might not be that accurate. Anyway, enjoy…

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