Little Armory Kriss Vector CRB

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Little Armory Kriss Vector CRB

This is a carbine (CRB) variant of the Kriss Vector. Superficially, that just means the buttstock and barrel are different. Like the previous kit, all parts were black plastic and so I decided to give it the Alpine White paintjob.
To make it easier for the white to stand out, I first primed the necessary parts with grey primer, followed by Mr Color off-white paint. All other parts were painted with german grey. In addition, I decided to add the holosight from the Guns Accessory A kit.

The spare parts are the same with the first Kriss Vector kit: some iron sights, spare magazines, and a shorter barrel. The long barrel shroud felt a bit flimsy when attached, so I permanently glued it to the body. Finally I added some decals to the barrel shroud and sight.

As you can see, it’s longer than the original Kriss Vector with a suppressor attached.

Details & poses:

Final word:
The stock Kriss Vector has a sci-fi feel to it already, and I felt that the Alpine White paintjob further enhances that feel. The painting part was a bit tricky; masking was needed, and some small details had to be directly paint brushed.
But I’m glad I went with the white color scheme, because now the fine details stand out and are easier to appreciate. It fits the 1000 toys Synthetic Human quite nicely, but on the HGUC GM it’s a bit trickier to get nice poses.
Overall, it was a fun build and I felt a bit more sense of accomplishment compared to my previous Kriss Vector kit.

Little Armory Kriss Vector

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Little Armory Kriss Vector

Another SMG from Little Armory, this time it’s the Kriss Vector. The kit comes in black plastic, and I painted it with gunmetal and german gray. I was a bit lazy and didn’t add any more detailing to it.

The good thing about this kit is that it’s quite customizable. You can swap between the extended stock or a small stub. Unfortunately the stock can’t be folded. There’s also a choice between a short barrel, or a suppressed barrel. The magazine and sights are also swappable.

With the stock extended and suppressor attached, the Kriss Vector is about as long as the AKM and the Zaku Machinegun.

So here’s some closeup shots:

And with my various models:

Final word:
The Little Armory Kriss Vector kit is very well detailed, and comes with plenty of options for customization. Personally I prefer the look with everything extended: stock, magazine & barrel.
It’s a solid kit and looks good on the figures as well as the GMs. My only regret was not doing a proper job at painting and detailing it.

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