Little Armory Mk18 mod 0

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#For a brief intro about the Little Armory series, refer to this earlier post for the M4A1 assault rifle#

Little Armory Mk18 mod 0 assault rifle

box_LA005For such a long name, the Mk18 mod 0 is essentially a modified M4 carbine with a shortened barrel, made for close quarters battle (CQB). Like most Little Armory kits, all the parts came as black plastic on runners. I painted the main body with gunmetal & german gray, while the accessories were painted with olive green and sand brown. Added some waterslide decals and applied some dry brushing effect.

Speaking of accessories, this one comes with plenty of parts as you can see below. But once you attach everything, the only spare part left is the long buttstock and extra magazine.


Compared to the Zaku machine gun, Little Armory SCAR-H and M4A1, the Mk18 is the smallest of the lot. But it does have a larger forward grip, laser module and buttstock compared to the M4A1.


Here’s some closeup photos:

And some poses with Mr. Skeleton and my Ground Type GM:

For a change of pace, I decided to recreate the box art pose with the Skeleton Warrior. Considering how silly it looks, maybe I should do this for all subsequent Little Armory kits.


Final word: I feel the Mk18 looks a lot better than the M4A1, but may not look as nice on HGUC kits due to its smaller size. It almost feels like a submachinegun on the GM.


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