Little Armory Steyr AUG

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Little Armory Steyr AUG

After the FA-MAS, we have another bullpup assault rifle in the form of the Steyr AUG. It has a unique design, easily recognizable by its shilouette. This little armory kit comes with only one magazine, made of smoke-colored clear plastic. The forward grip is swappable between a folded up or down version.

I painted the body in IDF Gray 3, and the barrel in gunmetal. The insides of the magazine is painted in gold, like the P90 kit. Some fine details were directly paint brushed. The length is about the same as the M4A1, and the barrel makes it longer than the FA-MAS.

Closeups and poses:

Final word:
I really like the Steyr design, and it was a fun build. But there’s not much details or interesting gimmicks, and it wouldn’t hurt to have another spare magazine. The whole barrel assembly also feels somewhat fragile; it’s so thin I worry that it might snap anytime I handle it.
The Steyr looks nice in a shooting pose from the shoulders. The Skeleton & Synthetic Human can do this pose quite well, but the GM… not so much. I still think the real life Steyr AUG looks nice, but in this instance it doesn’t look nice with 1/144 scale Gunpla.

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