Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 (Part II)

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For Part II, I’ll post some pics of models and figures displayed by the various modelling circles during the Hobby Show. Their displays ranged from aircrafts, gunpla, macross, figures and many more categories. Here are some of the photos that I found interesting. Enjoy

sz09-mon_03 sz09-mon_01 sz09-mon_02

Toy cars:

sz09-anicar_01 sz09-anicar_02

and ‘real’ cars:


sz09-kuruma_04 sz09-kuruma_05 sz09-kuruma_06



sz09-dio_03 sz09-dio_07 sz09-dio_02

sz09-dio_01 sz09-dio_06 sz09-dio_05

Random gunpla:


sz09-gunpla_11 sz09-gunpla_08 sz09-gunpla_05 sz09-gunpla_12

sz09-gunpla_01 sz09-gunpla_02 sz09-gunpla_07

sz09-gunpla_09 sz09-gunpla_10



sz09-macros_08 sz09-macros_10 sz09-macros_01

sz09-macros_06 sz09-macros_05




Miscellaneous models:

sz09-misc_01 sz09-misc_02 sz09-misc_03

sz09-patl_01 sz09-misc_05 sz09-misc_04



sz09-figure_21 sz09-figure_20 sz09-figure_18 sz09-figure_17

sz09-figure_15 sz09-figure_14 sz09-figure_13 sz09-figure_11

sz09-figure_08 sz09-figure_07 sz09-figure_22

sz09-figure_19 sz09-figure_12 sz09-figure_10

sz09-figure_09 sz09-figure_05 sz09-figure_04

sz09-figure_03 sz09-figure_02 sz09-figure_01

And finally some posters that caught my eye:




Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 (Part I)

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Despite my waning interest in gunpla lately, I decided to have a look at this year’s 48th Shizuoka Hobby show. Armed with my new camera (and my old one as backup), I took plenty of pictures this time. So much that I had to split my coverage into 2 posts. This first part will focus on the vendor booths (Bandai et al.) and in the second part I’ll post the works of various modelling circles in Japan.

Right, I’ll start off with the headline news (I suppose): the MG Gundam Exia


sz09-exia_01 sz09-exia_09 sz09-exia_04 sz09-exia_07

In addition, Bandai will release an ‘Ignition Mode’ version which will come with an extra damaged head, cape (which looks like pre-molded from rubber), LED parts for the GN drive and metallic parts for the swords.


And then there’s this nice 00 diorama:


And the cool boxart for the HG Exia and 0 gundam:


sz09-00_06 sz09-00_07 sz09-00_08

And finally for the 00 Gundam section, there’s the 1/100 Double 0 riser with the custom decals (which you can already buy separately anyway).


Bandai’s latest PG release was the Astray red frame, and boy were there plenty of Astrays. These are the baby ones:



And then comes the daddy Astrays:



sz09-astray_05 sz09-astray_06 sz09-astray_07 sz09-astray_08

With all these different colored versions of the Astray, I won’t be surprised if they teamed up and formed a super-sentai group (e.g. power rangers).

For UC fans, there’s the MG Gouf ver.2 to look forward to. Perhaps gouf custom ver2 might not be too far away either.

sz09-gouf_03 sz09-gouf_05 sz09-gouf_07


And you can make cool dioramas like this:



Bandai’s offering for the HGUC series are the Hi-Nu and Jegan


sz09-hguc_01 sz09-hguc_03

And the next SHCM-Pro model will be the RX-78 Real Type:


And here’s some displays for the UC Hardgraph and MS Igloo series



And don’t be surpised if you see RX-78 ver2 and G-armor combo released in different colors (G3 & Realtype)

sz09-uc_09 sz09-uc_04

The HGUC-sized Ksatriya and MG Guntank:

sz09-uc_06 sz09-uc_08

Some PG-sized models on display, including a lighted-up Unicorn:

sz09-30th_02 sz09-30th_05 sz09-30th_06 sz09-30th_04

And there’s the jumbo size 1/12 scale Zaku and Gundam:

sz09-hy2m_01 sz09-hy2m_03

And some random models and pics from the Bandai booth:

sz09-etc_02 sz09-etc_03 sz09-etc_04

sz09-etc_01 sz09-etc_05 sz09-etc_08



And finally the last Gundam-related pics : Nu-Gundam and Hyaku Shiki bicycles. Yes you heard me, bicycles. Specifically, the foldable type called oritatami jitensha.

Here’s the Nu-gundam bike (psycommu sold separately)


and the Hyaku shiki (all you need is a pair of Quattro Bageeena shades)



Taking a break off Gundam stuff, here’s some Evangelion-related pics:

sz09-eva_01 sz09-eva_06 sz09-eva_05 sz09-eva_02

Yes, the plugs (I’m sooo tempted to call them butt plugs) are back, two of ’em this time.



Now I will commence a Macross flood, starting with Yamato’s displays:


sz09-yamato_02 sz09-yamato_04 sz09-yamato_06

sz09-yamato_01 sz09-yamato_03

A dash of Mospeada…


sz09-mosp_01 sz09-mosp_02

and next are some of Hasegawa’s macross:


sz09-hasegawa_02 sz09-hasegawa_03 sz09-hasegawa_04

sz09-hasegawa_05 sz09-hasegawa_08 sz09-hasegawa_10

sz09-hasegawa_06 sz09-hasegawa_07 sz09-hasegawa_09

and lastly macross frontier by bandai:


sz09-macf_05 sz09-macf_07

sz09-macf_04 sz09-macf_06 sz09-macf_09

sz09-macf_10 sz09-macf_11

Now that’s done with, here’s a topview of the vendor’s exhibits:


There’s also a section filled with gas-powered bb guns of various types, like this sniper rifle. Looks like fun


And finally (for Part I at least), here’s some random pics of figurines.


sz09-fg_01 sz09-fg_03 sz09-fg_04


And that concludes part I of my coverage. For Part II, click here

My first Macross, among other things…

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It’s been a slow month for me, in terms of gunpla progress. The cold weather’s not helping with things either. Add that to the fact that there’s not been any Gunpla release that I’m too keen on. That was until last week, when I came across this kit:


As far as I know, Bandai isn’t well known for producing Macross kits, and most of the Macross models are the horrendously overpriced, ready-made ones. So that’s the reason why I haven’t really ventured into Macross stuff. Now that Bandai has produced something that I can build and eventually customize, I might actually be looking forward to more releases (which I’m sure will happen, knowing Bandai’s evil marketing strategies).

I ended up buying Ozma Lee’s VF-25S for 3300yen, 1200yen cheaper than the retail price. I wasn’t too interested in the Alto version, mainly coz it looks kinda plain, plus it was somehow more expensive. The kit came with 2 sets of decals, the sticker type and water-slide decals, both with identical designs. I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining. Since its in 1/72 scale, I can use my leftover aircraft decals on this one, too.

That was last week. Today I went to the local bookstore and picked up the January 2009 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine which came with 1/144 scale Gundam Rasel. Not that I’m crazy over Gundam 00 mecha designs, but I figured why not? The free kit looks horrible without proper painting and modifications. Instead of making the modifications from scratch, why not get a 1/144 HG with proper articulations and just ‘cut & paste’? LOL, sounds easier said than done.


Inside there’s some info on the upcoming MG Sinanju. Apparently, for the gold engravings, the kit will be supplied with gold foil stickers AND yellow-colored water-slide decals with the same pattern. The warning decals will be supplied as dry transfer decals. Makes me wonder, wouldn’t it be easier painting the gold parts?? Pardon the poor image quality, I don’t have a scanner at home.


And here’s the last bit. It seems they’ll release a bazooka for the MG Sinanju together with volume 8 of the Unicorn novel. It’s due to be released April next year. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of those.


DISCLAIMER: what I’ve posted above might NOT be accurate information, since I still can’t read Japanese properly yet.

With that said, don’t hope for me to get started with those 2 kits either. I still haven’t finished my 1/100 Overflag (did I mention I bought an Overflag?) and some HCM Pro models. Anyway, I’ll have plenty of Gunpla and Macross-pla (????) to keep me occupied during the coming cold season. Cheers!

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