58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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Despite the risk of getting caught in typhoon no. 24, I still decided to venture to Tokyo for the All Japan Model & Hobby show. At the Bandai section, I noticed there’s a lot more Premium Bandai releases this time.

The MG releases include MG F91 ver 2.0, MG V2 Assault Buster ver. Ka, MG Ex-S/S Gundam, and the MG Hyaku Shiki Crush. The latter two kits look interesting, but I have too many MG kits in my backlog. The new PG kit will be the 00 Gundam Seven Sword, which totally doesn’t interest me.

Some new grunt units from the upcoming Narrative Gundam series looks interesting: Jesta with A,B,C type equipment, Gustav Karl, & the Jegan D-type Escort.

Here’s some other pics from other sections of the hobby show:

Like last year, the Kotobukiya section has a lot of cool-looking stuff, but I don’t really follow most of it.

The most disappointing part was the Junk City section. There wasn’t any spare gunpla parts at all this time; just some old car & military scale model kits. But I did manage to get a Limited Little Armory G36C/K kit and the P90 TR type that came with a how-to booklet.

HGUC Juaggu

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The Juaggu design is all sorts of unconventional: a dorayaki-shaped head, an acorn-shaped body, an elephant trunk, three-digit hands, and washing machine water hose for legs.
The other parts I can get used to, but those legs just have to go. I used the HGUC Juaggu (MSV version) from P-Bandai because of ((reasons)), and replaced the leg with HGUC Hygogg legs.

Materials & methods:

You can read the work in progress here.
The plastic colors of the MSV Juaggu were a shade of milk-chocolate and dark chocolate. I repainted this kit according to the Juaggu colors as it appeared in the OVA.
The colors I used were straight from the bottle, except for the light brown parts which were a mix of Khaki and grey-brown.
Some masking was required for the crotch part and the four red nipple cannons.
After the decals I applied some scratch marks using my fine tip Gundam marker and finished with flat topcoat.


Some action poses:



I have to admit, I’m starting to warm up to the Juaggu design. It still looks goofy, but somewhat endearing. Not sure whether the added tusks and mohawk made things any better.
But I have no regrets replacing the legs. The only downside to the Hygogg legs are the really weak polycap joints at the knees. The Juaggu tends to topple over unless the legs are spread apart to lower the center of gravity. So posing was a bit troublesome. Another minus point is the right arm of the MSV Juaggu. The arms can hardly bend to 90 degrees.
But overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this kit ended up looking. Hopefully the same can be said for the Zogok…

C3 TOKYO 2016 (Part 2)

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Having spent a fortune (almost) on some resin kits at the dealer’s section, I spent the rest of the day taking photos at a leisurely pace, starting with the Bandai section. There’s a few new kit announcements since the last hobby show I went to. First, let me start with the least interesting news. The next HGUC revive kit is apparently the Strike Freedom. As much as I hate it, I guess the old HG kit needs an update. The next RG will the the Build Strike Gundam. Another NOPE for me. The next RE/100 kit will be the Bawoo. It’s not really screaming ‘buy me’ either. Also in display is the MG Psycho Zaku from the Thunderbolt series. If you like massive backpacks, then this kit is for you.
Now for some slightly better news: the GM Ground Type gets an official HGUC kit. If I hadn’t made one already, I would’ve gotten one. From the Origin series, there’s Ramba Lal’s ブグ (Bugu? Boog?), Char’s Zaku I with a belt-fed machine gun and the Guncannon Early Type. They all look interesting and I might consider getting at least one of them.

Now for the Premium Bandai releases. Some of you might be screaming at Bandai why the following kits won’t be regular releases. On display were HGUC Zeta Plus C1, MG Heavyarms Custom, HGUC Gundam Marine type, Super Famina Titans colors, among others.
Of those, I’m most interested in the Zeta Plus C1. The MG Heavyarms Custom, also looks tempting.

There were other things around the Bandai section like Macross Delta and lots of other random stuff.


Outside of the Bandai section, there were plenty of interesting models & figures, like the ones published in Hobby Japan magazine. There was a live performance by the SKE48 idol band at that time, but I’m not into that stuff. Instead, I rather enjoyed the live band performance by the US servicemen/women from a nearby military camp. The JSDF were there too, cheering on.

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