Gundam Bearbrick 2

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After the first round of Pepsi-Gundam Bearbricks, there was another round of these little critters. This time I managed to buy all 16 types (attached to the same disgusting beverage) from the supermarket. Not all at the same time, obviously. It must’ve been ages since I bought them, but only now I felt like taking a few photos.

So here’s the complete list of the 16 types:

1) RX-78-2 Gundam 5) Gogg 9) Guntank 13) Kycilia Zabi
2) Zaku II 6) Amuro Ray 10) Gyan 14) Garma Zabi
3) Zeong 7) Char (A) 11) Zakrello 15) Lalah Sune
4) Zaku I 8) Char (B) 12) Bright Noa 16) Fraw Bow

And here’s the whole cast:


Just the characters:


The mobile suits:


Playing dead…


Two Freddies vs 6 Zeeks…?


The Zabis & a Char in between


White Base crew..


Bright slap!!!


Two Chars and a Lalah


Here’s some pics with the previous set of Bearbricks…

The complete White Base crew


The White Base mobile suits (with the GM lurking behind)


The Pink Char Quartet


And finally…the Zakrello making a fuss during the Zeon photoshoot


Gundam Bearbrick

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One of the nice things about Japan is you can get nice Gundam-related stuff like these Bearbricks. This may be old news but they came as freebies with the Pepsi Nex which is a foul, sugar-free concoction. They have  strings on top for you to attach to cellphones et cetera. There’s 16 types altogether, which meant that theoretically I have to buy 16 bottles of that nasty soft drink.

Anyway here’s the list of all 16 types: You may notice they’re all mobile suits or characters from the 1st Gundam series.

1) RX-78-2 Gundam 5) Char’s Zaku II 9) Acguy 13) Sayla Mass
2) Guncannon 6) Z’gok 10) Dom 14) Char Aznable
3) GM 7) Char’s Z’gok 11) Char’s Gelgoog 15) Gihren Zabi
4) Zaku II 8) Gouf 12) Amuro Ray 16) Ramba Ral

In the end I only managed to get 13 types from the supermarket. I was missing the Gelgoog and two Z’goks. Eager to have all 16, I searched & bought the other 3 from Yahoo Auctions (without the soft drink thankfully). Although up to 3x(!) the normal price, but at least now I have all 16.

So I decided to have fun with my new camera and an old lens (OM Zuiko 50mm f1.8) so here’s the outcome:

Here’s all 16 of them

Just the mobile suits

Federation suits

Now with more bokeh

Can our heroes get out of this sticky situation? Stay tuned next week

Maybe not. Zeig Zeon!

Band of Zeon

Amphibious suits

Gelgoog & Dom

They’re mine…all mine….

So who’s the father?

Pilot & his Gouf

Must be the beans I had last night…

Where’s waldo?

So there you have it. They’re colorful little things, but there’s not much else you can do with it. Now I have to think about those bottles of Pepsi in my room.

*For the second set of Gundam Bearbricks, see here

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