53rd All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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Let’s start with the main attractions in the Bandai booth:

The much anticipated MG Sazabi Ver. Ka was on display, and it sure looked nice. It may not be clear in the photos, but the plastic has two shades of red and a green LED monoeye can be attached (sold separately). The box itself looks huge but the boxart looks a bit underwhelming. Another MG release will be MG Gundam X.

From the RG front, there’s the RG Strike Freedom. Only the wing bit will be bling-bling gold while the rest of the joints will be the cheese-yellow color. Sold separately on Premium Bandai is the wing of light. No news on the next RG though, but hopefully it’s a Zeon suit.

There’s far more HG releases this time, starting with the Gundam Build Fighters. They’re basically a mishmash of existing designs and attached with awful names like Zaku Amazing. There’s also a HGUC Silver Bullet and Zaku II Johnny Ridden custom. Also on display are HGUC kits from the Gundam Thunderbolt manga: GM, Zaku and Full-Armor Gundam.

Other stuff include PG Astray Blue Frame, armed with just a huge bazooka. System Weapon 006 will include 2 types of bazookas and sturm faust grenades. On sale at Premium Bandai site will be MG Astray Red Frame (lite version), MG Astray Noir, MG Crossbone Gundam X3, HGUC ReBawoo and Unicorn recolors of MG Zaku Cannon & Zgok.

Japan loves Char Aznable so much that they customized a Char car (Toyota Auris). There’s also Char Golfbag, Char Shoes, Char bags and Char printer.

And here’s the rest of the photos I took of other booths. Of interest is the latest M.S.G Weapon Unit by Kotobukiya: Japanese swords, assault rifles & a gatling gun. As a follow-up to Metal Gear Rex, Metal Gear Ray will be released next year. A new feature in this year’s show is a section called Junk City. It’s where spare parts of Gunpla & other plamo are sold. Parts like weapons, hands & joints of various MG & HG kits were there and the price ranged from 200-900 yen. I bagged myself a few RG joints, MG Jesta hands & Zudah sniper rifle.

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