Little Armory RPK

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Little Armory RPK Light Machinegun

The RPK is a Russian version of the light machine gun. It looks very similar to the AKM, save for the longer barrel.

The kit comes with two box magazines and two drum magazines. There’s two types of buttstocks to choose from and two detachable bipods (folded and extended).

The plactic is molded in two colors: black and orange-brown. I didn’t paint the orange-brown parts; instead I brushed enamel dark brown paint randomly on them to recreate the wood lines effect. Then I dabbed black weathering pastel on them. The black parts were painted with steel paint.

As mentioned earlier, the RPK sports a longer barrel compared to the AKM, but overall it’s much shorter than the M240 machine guns.

Here’s some closeup shots:

And some poses:

Final thoughts:
While the RPK looks good in the hands of Mr Skeleton, it looks a bit small on the HGUC kits. It just doesn’t convey that sense of heftiness other machine guns have.
On the bright side, it comes with several spare magazines and they’re interchangeable with the AKM kit. With that, I leave you with the boxart pose:


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